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  1. Honestly this has to be true because I hear everybody say this nowadays (me included). I don’t know if people used to talk like this back in the 2000’s/90’s/80’s (didn’t people used to call pop fake music in the 00’s and hate on it?) but something is wrong in the industry if everyone overwhelmingly agrees that there is nobody fresh and appealing in modern music. The closest thing is Billie, and I love her for coming in with a new sound and style that hasn’t been done previously. I hope that this starts a trend and the good, original pop comes back! can we please just bring back 2007-2011 era Gaga/Perry/Kesha literally anything max martin or timbaland pop music?
  2. I have very strong nostalgia for the 2000’s, now even more with all this sad stuff going on To be honest, it just seems like everything was better back then. Music, fashion, pop culture, and many more things that are not the same now. Change is a good thing of course, but back then things just seemed very cozy and nice. That’s the best way I can describe it. Maybe because I was a little baby back then so everything was good (‘02 baby). I wish I could go back to 2002, but at the age I’m at now. Tuning into the TV, the radio, chart numbers and awards actually meaning something, exciting, real pop stars dominating the radio (and so many of them too), trl, boy bands, iconic vmas/award shows, etc etc. Britney being the absolute queen and Paris Hilton establishing her iconic-ness before Kim K could ever. Another thing is how there was not just an influx of pop stars, but every genre was releasing hit after hit. Music was really flourishing and everything sounded great. Pop was genuine, pure Max Martin goodness. You had tons of great hip hop/r&b, a bunch of rock/punk bands, and at the same time amazing experimental artists like Bjork going somewhat mainstream and girls like Avril breaking the mold. Even MJ was still releasing great music. All at the same time. Name another era where every genre was flourishing? Even Spanish influenced music like Shakiras got its shine. Think about it, can you really think of any modern songs that hold up to iconic 2000’s songs? The quality just isn’t there anymore. Anyways, enough of my ranting. I love hearing people talk about that era because it sounds so fun. Being a Gen Z teenager kind of sucks. We just are going to have stories about experiencing a bunch of bad stuff. If you were growing up back then, seriously you are so lucky please tell me about it!!
  3. Wtf. Team Britney is glitching and showing their true selves again
  4. So I figured that since I’m going to be inside for awhile why not marathon some Britney videos? Not music videos, but things like TRL appearances, interviews, chaotic, total Britney live, etc. The thing is, I’ve literally seen like every single one (or at least I think I have.) Britneyspearsmedia has nothing else to quench my thirst (best site for Britney vids btw next to britneyonline ) I’m so bored and need more Britney content to help survive quarantine. If you have any really REALLY rare videos please share here!
  5. I would just like to say your posts are always iconic and continue to always make me laugh Roxxy!!!
  6. Healed corona virus with her positive energy and everlasting light
  7. I feel like a lot of people aren’t understanding what your trying to say but I completely get it the way Britney is celebrated is very unique. It’s hard to compare it to anyone else because there’s never really been another singer who has been through the strange and mysterious circumstances she has. I don’t think she is Madonna, but at the same time I don’t think she is above or below her. She is just on her own type of level. Also, this might be a hot take, but I don’t think longevity matters. I don’t know why everyone keeps bringing that up. Some artists have been around for literal decades upon decades but none of their new music is as good as their prime. It feels like they are beating a dead horse. Tbh I think the most powerful music I’ve ever heard came from singers who burned out as soon as they got here—Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, etc etc. They only had a few albums but those albums had quality. Sometimes quality is much better than quantity. Britney, to me, is the same way. She doesn’t need to be around forever to be solidified as an icon. Her few albums speak for themselves.
  8. I think she probably does know about it because Jamie is really high-risk. I’m not trying to wish anything bad upon anyone, but what do you think would happen if he got it?
  9. This one confuses me too! I always thought it was “God I need some answers”. I also thought the chorus was “What am I to do to win my life?” But I guess the real lyrics are “What am I to do with my life?”. I can’t hear it that way.
  10. Ugh this was so iconic. I don’t know why, but I really do get Britney vibes from her sometimes. This gave me the same feeling I get when i watch Britney’s old iconic moments (like the VMAs or DWAD). She’s definitely something special and not your average pop girl.
  11. Am I the only one who can sometimes hear weird or “hidden” things in some of Britney’s songs? So before you call me crazy this is what I mean. In Oops I Did It Again, at the very beginning, when she’s doing all those adlibs, I have always sworn that she is saying “Oops”. Like this: Oops, Oops (Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) I know you probably have no idea what I’m talking about but if you know, you know I guess. Ok, the second hidden part is in Baby One More Time. When you listen to the clean vocals only, you can hear someone talking in the recording (00:16). Lastly, and this is probably one people already know, but I’m pretty sure in Circus, during the pre-chorus “I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins, spotlight on me....” it’s not Britney singing, it’s Myah (or Britneys voice turned down and Myah’s overpowering I’m sure there’s more so if you’ve ever noticed any Easter eggs in her songs drop them here!
  12. I think he got in trouble I was watching the live and all I could think was...he is about to get the grounding of a lifetime once a parent finds out about this.
  13. When I was able to get my first CDs, I got to pick 3, so I chose I am Sasha Fierce by Beyoncé, Fearless by Taylor Swift, and Kesha’s Animal the taste I had back then was really random
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