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Why did Britney's carpool karaoke flop?

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I mean, she was obviously in a good place. Doing all that promo and performances, going overseas and whatnot. 

Did this really flop though? :lostney:

Britney was such a good sport in this, she was sweet and articulate. She was dancing, she was laughing, she was touching him which showed comfort and openness. She interacted.

Yes, she acted kinda shy and cringey at times, but didn't we find out afterwards that she didn't know that this was a ' thing', you know, where you're supposed to sing and showcase your live vocals? Larry and her flop team prolly told her she was going in for an interview in a car or something. That's why she seemed so unprepared for it.:bthink:

Besides, she is a survivor. It's the aftermath of the damages caused through so many years by the paparazzi and the media. But, whatever.

What do you think, did she really flop in her own carpool karaoke? why? Image result for wendy williams reaction gif

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1 minute ago, strangest_love said:

I love her but she does seem very reserved and shy (which is fine) but compared to the others on there- the audience don't go mad for shy car pool karaokes! Also, she doesn't sing THAT much. Bless her though x

but James did sing over her at times, maybe she thought he had a cute voice and allowed him to carry on? Maybe she didn't know she was supposed to sing live? :idkney:

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I don't think it flopped especially when she was an anxious mess there.

She did better than artists who are currently more relevant than her like Migos,JB(pre-grammy),cardib,Katy perry,miley,shawn mendes,p!nk etc.

It wasn't the best (she is the 22nd most watched Carpool one) but it still did pretty well

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  • Exhale+

It  seemed like she didn’t want to be there and It just ended up being James Corden singing Britney Spears songs to an awkward looking Britney Spears.

Which is a shame because that would of been the first time the GP would of been seeing her. And she could of really used that opportunity to show off her voice

We did get this gem tho: 


So I’m forever grateful.


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This was my favorite Britney promo performance in the last 10 years! She did great and ofcourse she was prepared. It’s not hard to give a 2 minute prep about a show you’re about to film. Why she lipped toxic idk. I think she did super good and she said funny stuff about her aliases and tickle ***. She just didn’t know how to talk about her songs but that’s just cause she has horrible stories regarding each and likes to forget they existed. They should’ve thrown a cover in there ... I hope one day to get the full episode .


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5 hours ago, Hestia said:

She was dancing, she was laughing, she was touching him which showed comfort and openness.



As much as I love Britney songs it would've been 1000% better if they sung other artists' songs, maybe just BOMT and Oops or Toxic from her catalog. And if he wasn't so loud.

But most importantly, if she knew beforehand what was it about.

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Remember she said they taught him the Slave choreo (or was it just an unknown choreo and I assumed it was Slave lol)

I bet she had more fun doing that than the actual carpool (which doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't awkward there as well). But of course James won't show it if it puts him in a bad light.

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I don’t think it flopped, in terms of views it did very well compared to some current artists. 

Was she awkward and uncomfortable in certain parts, yes but you can’t blame her. Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters even admitted how awkward Carpool Karaoke is to film and said that they kept requesting to sing other artists songs instead of their own and were denied.

Besides we were never gonna be able to hear her sing properly because James sings over all the celebs. The only time you don’t hear him is when he is with a powerhouse singer like Sia or Christina Aguilera. 

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