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  1. OMG THIS VIDEO WAS SO EPIC! THESE LADIES TRULY KILLED IT Honestly after Jesy announced she was leaving the group, I was so worried that they would move on from the Confetti era but this video was everything and more! I am loving the RPDR cameo's!!
  2. I'm not surprised to hear Demi admit this, it's been speculated that something like this happened to her ever since her song 'Warrior' released in 2013. The lyrics in the bridge alluded to her assault: 'There's a part of me I can't get back, A little girl grew up too fast, All it took was once, I'll never be the same'
  3. Here is a link to the Blind originally posted on CDAN. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2021/02/todays-blind-items-schadenfreude.html?m=1
  4. Just came across this new Blind Item about Britney posted by Crazy Days and Nights. Blind: Except for some light editing, I kept in the tipster's words. Her fans always seem to notice the difference. Yet, they can’t quite put their finger on it, they really are quite the instasleuths. Ask her for a sign, she’ll send a message almost immediately and say she’s “totally fine”, while wearing color coded “not ok” clothing or color coded emojis. Suddenly, again you see her dance and speak. She seems oddly nervous. She seems to speak, fast, almost, nervously, incessantly? She seems awkward ? What is it? She’s clearly not, herself. That is no secret. But one must ask, "Why would her handlers let her post this bizarre behavior?” She answers at random, and what seems like, fake fan questions from the equivalent of a TeenBeat interview/question format from the past. She is dressed in a way, a bit of a 90”s or well, just bizarre kind of way. It’s almost as if she’s been trapped in some sort of twisted time warp from decades ago. We all know who this is. That is NOT the purpose of this blind. The concern, is, “Is it right to take all of a woman’s rights away simply because she has bipolar/mental disorder?" Many people are able to take lithium, antidepressants, psychotropics and lead a happy, healthy, procreative, and productive life. SHE has/or should certainly have THE best medical mental health staff/ access any human being could ever afford. Yet all she’s cried and yearned for years -is for another “baby”. Her eggs are aging. She is acutely aware of this. She has been on a mission and is convinced that her boyfriend (Sam Asghari) has been trying desperately to help her. Though he plays his part so handsomely well, he follows his orders, gets paid handsomely and knows what they know. News of her brief, celebrity pal (Paris Hilton) from the past being PREGNANT, who is not 100% responsible, yet, definitely introduced her to the worst of the worst, most manipulative, evil, drug, con artists, paparazzi's, dark Hollywood world, which thrust her into her (and at least one more) into the most tumultuous and hellacious life ever after. No, she is simply not having it. The pregnant “frenemy” has sent her into overdrive with the already obsessive baby “fever." Unbeknownst to her, every three months for almost a full decade, when she’s not getting her bipolar medication which they have yet to balance, they keep her on “the shot”. She is told “the shot” is B-12. It is not. It is THE Shot that keeps her from getting pregnant ever again. Even the father of her children (Kevin Federline) knows about this. (His $upport would be cut significantly if he broke his role, ever again) She doesn’t know. They complete her “B-12” dose with uppers, and she gets suddenly significantly more energetic/ anxious, feisty, fidgety, and becomes that bizarre star we all can’t help but watch and wonder like a sweet, southern, tea/sippin’, shod den fried train wreck.
  5. While I'm glad to see that at least Loni defended Britney and even brought up Whitney too, it is a bit hypocritical of her and Adrienne to sit there when a few years ago they were dissing her. Sadly the only two co hosts that tried to defend Britney back then are now gone (Tamar Braxton and Tamera Mowry-Housley) It's clear that most of these ladies didn't even really watch the documentary. Also the fact that Garcelle Beauvais (bottom right) actually defended Diane, calling her a good journalist and even claiming that it was a different time back then.
  6. Talk show The Real recently discussed Britney and the Framing Britney Spears documentary. One of the co host's Garcelle Beauvais (bottom right) actually defended Diane Sawyer and calls her a great journalist. She also claimed that it was a different time back then. Co host Loni Love (Top Left) is really the only one here who actually stood up and defended Britney. She also touched on how Diane Sawyer treated not only Britney badly but Whitney Houston also. These ladies talk about good journalism and yet it seems like none of them really watched the documentary. Video: Although I should point out that Adrienne Houghton (top right) dissed Britney back in August 2013. Adrienne used to work at The X Factor back in 2012. In an episode of The Real from 2013 she called Britney '"the pop princess who had the ultimate meltdown". She then went on to say "I worked with her on the X Factor, and I'm not going to lie to you, guys...She can't hold a conversation". "They had someone who feeds her what she is supposed to say. Like, she can't hold a conversation." The only people to defend Britney back then were two former co hosts, Tamar Braxton and Tamera Mowry-Housley . "This is what I hear," said Braxton. "Behind the scenes, she's trying to get it together. To which Mowry-Housley added, "And we have to respect that." That clip has been taken down from Youtube.
  7. Popular Youtuber and therapist Dr Mike Honda (Psychology in Seattle) just posted a video where he reacts to the Framing Britney Spears documentary. He makes a lot of interesting points throughout.
  8. Just came across this on Twitter posted by Billy Eichner about Britney.
  9. Anyone else find it interesting how so many celebs spoke out about Free Kesha and yet have remained silent on Free Britney
  10. Charlie’s always shown a lot of love and respect towards Britney Fun fact: they both share the same birthday, December 2nd.
  11. Honestly ever since I heard the song Middle Finger by Bohnes, it couldn't fit more perfectly with the Free Britney movement. Some lyrics for example: Making your money off all of my pain You put an eagle inside of a cage And you think I'm not strong enough to escape So I put my middle finger up I'm done being your slave My generation's had enough And you should be afraid
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