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Britney App/Game Ideas

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An idea for a Britney app honestly I don't know... 

I always dreamed about a second "Britney Dance Beat" but this time with the "Just dance" tech. And this time we don't get to play some stupid ugly dancer on a basic stage but Britney while recording her iconic music videos. But it will never happen she's not that popular anymore for a videogame I guess. 

A phone app ? Another game ? I don't know... These games are silly. An actual app will flop I think, and if they made a game it should be something really fun, not just a Kim K copy.

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The name of the app is called "Free Britney"

Once a player can contribute something that is deemed to be of help to freeing Britney, he/she will get credits to unlock contents like unreleased singles and whatnot.


Daily tasks may include: Stopping EviLou from posting on Instagram for Brit, going on a protest in support of Brit outside the courthouse, or designing a new logo for the "Free Britney" campaign etc.

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10 hours ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:


I'm still SO MAD!!! that Glu gave up on this game the way they did. I actually really enjoyed this game and it's a shame they stopped updating it all because they couldn't fix a glitch :orangu: Glu only really care about Kim Kardashian's game let's be honest.

Also I wish they had released that mobile game that was supposed to come out around 2005/2006 cause that sounded really cool, not sure why it got cancelled in the end.

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I am Lawrence Rudolph.

Guide Britney Spears through her career the way it should of been done. Build stage set and music video concepts. Get her the best brand deals and create costumes.

Kinda like the sims how you build houses and customize your sim you build sets and make her costumes for concepts and stuff like that? 

You have to reach a level of fandom by numbers and also money (duh youre larry) do level up into a new era. 

All britneys songs are in the game so you choose what singles go out and you can even choose unrealesed tracks. 

You start at her at 16 and you can retire her when you choose and pick vaccations and hobbies and spouses for her too. 


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"Pop That pu$$y, Britney"

Kinda like Britney Dance Beat where you follow the directions they give to make Britney dance. Depending on how well you do Britney will pop her pu$$y. Once Britney pops her pu$$y enough she will pass on to the next era (album). Finish all eras and you will become the Queen of Pop!

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I always wished she did a sims thing or at least collaborated with the sims like Katy Perry. I really want a Britney in my sim world! :umok: (I tried creating my own and failed miserably and had a hard time importing custom created ones into the game.) 


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