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How are you dealing with getting older?

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just curious. How are some of you all dealing with aging and how old are you? :janet:

I dont know if its because im part of this fanbase but Im obsessed with my skin and terrified of getting wrinkles. (Im turning 29 in October) So far I dont have any wrinkles but my eyebrows have dropped a bit and ive lost quite a bit of fat in my face.  I dont see a noticeable different in the mirror but I hate almost every picture im in now. Its like my face but its off somehow. Anyone else?

Also I feel like every other day soemthing hurts. When I ask other people my age they dont seem to have that problem and its really frustrating me. I feel like Im constantly getting injured while doing absolutley nothing. I have had 4 minor injuries this year and a major one last year. Nothing is healing properly and even the body parts that arent injured always have little aches. Like technically I can still do a bridge and have great back flexibility but sometimes I physically cant get into that position because my entire back decides to be super stiff for a week or 1 day I have perfect oversplits and then the next day I cant touch my toes. Is that age or was I just blessed with the worst genes?

What are your experiences with getting older?




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2 hours ago, Chaoscontrol said:

I’m turning 28 this coming week and I have surrendered to aging, no point in fighting it :smokney: 


Kind of wish I made some better life choices in my 20’s, but what’re ya gonna do? There’s always next decade :ohi:

lol I mean yeah... I always say getting old is better than the alternative, dying young.

I dont know I just think its unfair that (as women) you basically peak at 25 and then its a downhill battle lol. Men kind of have another 10 years tbh.

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Well, honestly mind setting is everything but, eating clean and taking care of sun rays is very important. Eat a lot of red vegetables and fruits, use 50psf protection, drink a lot of water and workout 3 times every week. I'm 32 and I love my body and face like never before. Sleep very very welI everyday and you will  feel hotter than ever. But honestly, work with your mind, be a good person and save the world step by step. 

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I used to think "I'm definitely not going to be one of those people that are obsessed with aging" but at just 19 I'm already worried.. not because I have any visible signs of aging but I just really don't want to age past 40 in terms of looks.. :crying3: since I've been dealing with acne for 4 years already, my skin care routine is really good which is why I shouldn't be too worried about that but I've read that acne scars (even if they fade) could lead to wrinkles later in life that are much worse than you'd typically have which is scary AF because my acne situation isn't the typical teenage experience, mine was genuinely bad (not cystic or anything but it was definitely really bad).. :crying4: also, I used to sleep on my face but once I realised that was a big cause of my breakouts I stopped doing that.. the internet says that sleeping on your face is actually one of the leading causes of extra wrinkles so watch out for that y'all, pro tip!! :carpoolney:

also: sunscreen (though I'm not one to speak because I don't use sunscreen even if I should even more so than the average person due to my red acne marks and hyperpigmentation.. it's just that literally everything breaks me out so I refuse to put anything on my face).. :unbothered:

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5 hours ago, DayvinDazone said:

It also sucks that eventually you become a part of a generation that can no longer relate to younger folks since they like things you didn't grow up with and have an entirely different life experience. But then, I could never really relate to my peers and I tend to connect better with older folks anyway, so perhaps this won't be such a shock???


Omg yes!! I still feel very young because Im a pretty childish person but Last week I had some collegues who were 18 years old and I was so shocked because....I realized they are 10 years younger than me. Usually I gravitate towards all the younger collegues and hang out with them but I honestly coulndt relate to them at all. Their music taste sucked and they had really weird jokes about shows they saw as a kid and I never saw and just their entire attitude and vibe was so different.  I didnt think that would happen so fast. I started my job when I was 21 and in my head I still feel like i should be among the youngest but there are so many younger girls now and Im always shocked that I now fit in better with the over 30 crowd than the under 25 lol.

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I just turned 29 in February and I gotta say it really hasn’t been that bad. I’m just focusing on all around positivity and keeping my thoughts uplifting and future forward. That and good skincare. That’s a must, a sis wants to keep her skin smooth and supple. And treasuring down time. I like to rest my feet when I have the chance cuz I don’t want my knees and ankles to go bad when I really get older. Keep your mind active and don’t sweat the small stuff it really helps.  :tbh:   :tiffanynod:   :kiss:

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Like this :scalped:


I try to exercise but I'm never disciplined enough. I also struggle to eat a lot, so I'm very skinny. That's why some people think I'm younger, but my receding hairline reveals the truth :haha: Which is unfair because I still can't get rid of acne since I was a teenager, so it's like I'm going straight from teen to old :icant2:

I also sleep just 4-5 hrs a day which I know will eventually pass me the bill. And because of my job I spend almost all day sitting in front of my computer.

I don't feel THAT old yet though, even though I already turned 27 in June, but it's mostly because I'm the youngest of three siblings and my family always treats me like the baby. For some reason even the rest of my relatives don't treat me like an adult either, even when I have younger cousins, I guess that's just my lack of maturity :oprah:

I am very aware that it's just downhill from here so all the time I'm like, I need to start taking care of me, but it just feels so difficult. Like, getting 8 hrs of sleep, that's the third part of the day, how am I suppose to finish my stuff with just 2/3 of the day? :beynah: Eating at my times, working out, relaxing, going on a walk, talk to friends and family and whatever else you need to do to have a life free of stress, but somehow having a job, and that's considering I'm still single living with my parents, can't even imagine living on my own, having to take care of everything at my house, or having a partner, children, etc. Idk it just feels so surreal, so I'm sure my current lifestyle will sooner rather than later take a toll on my overall health, but meanwhile I just keep avoiding reality while I can.

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On 6/2/2019 at 3:58 PM, Chaoscontrol said:

I’m turning 28 this coming week and I have surrendered to aging, no point in fighting it :smokney: 


Kind of wish I made some better life choices in my 20’s, but what’re ya gonna do? There’s always next decade :ohi:




I deal by booking a holiday on my birthday every year and reminding myself that young me was poor and old me actually has £££ to travel etc.


oh and yeah, alcohol helps.

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