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Scream & Shout - Pre-Britney Version - (I Don't Give A ****)


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Tulisa (a well-known British artist) recently won a legal battle to be credited on Scream & Shout. The song was originally meant to be included on her debut album and it was going to be titled 'I Don't Give A ****'. The producers didn't like Tulisa's version, hence will.i.am and Britney coming in on the track while the producers discredited Tulisa as a songwriter. Tulisa is now credited and is receiving backdated royalties. This is also why Britney had a British accent on the released track.

Tulisa recently performed the original version of the song and it kinda goes off tbh :madance:


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Well, both versions are on the same level, in my opinion - I'm not a fan of either.

Both the lyrics and performance are in the category of 's**t we've all seen 19 093 times before'.

  1. Lyrics - "I'm in the club having fun and I don't give a **** about anything"
  2. Performance - **** guys grinding and dancing around a woman (the artist singing the song)

Nothing special, to be honest.

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3 hours ago, onyx09 said:

She sounds like Britney on the released track. Is she lipping to Britney? Was Britney lipping to her or are their accents just similar? :nyheadache:

I thought that too lol... and notice how the audio and voice changes between the 'Britney' parts and her chorus part? hmmmm...

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