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  1. She shot a dance club scene in a nightclub one night for it. To this day the footage hasn’t leaked. She left the set wearing the outfit. The famous “Fanta Fanta no coke” video she’s wearing the outfit she filmed the dance club scene in. I’d love for it to leak one day cause she looks beautiful.
  2. She’ll be 40+ when she releases her next album. She’ll get dragged for dropping a record with that sound
  3. I thought it would focus on the recording process and the music and maybe we’d hear from producers but it sounds like a rehash of the paparazzi headlines. Disappointing
  4. Overview Britney Spears barely survived 2007. She divorced her husband, lost custody of her kids, went to rehab, shaved her head and assaulted a paparazzo. In the midst of her public breakdown, she managed to record an album, Blackout. Britney was too unstable to promote the album and only one of Blackout's singles charted. Critics thought it spelled the end for Britney Spears' career. But Blackout turbaned out to be one of the most influential albums of the aughts. It not only brought glitchy digital noise and dubstep into the Top 40, but also transformed Britney into a new kind of pop star, one who shrugged off mainstream ubiquity for the devotion of smaller groups of fans who worshipped her idiosyncratic sound. This book returbans to the grimy clubs and paparazzi hangouts of LA in the 2000s as well as the blogs and forums of the early internet to show how Blackout was a crucial hinge between twentieth and twenty-first-century pop. Table of Contents Part 1: The Aesthetics of Blackout 1. A Sicko Producer's Dream 2. Listening to the Gaps Part 2: Britney and the Media 3. Bimbo Summit 4. Miss Bad Media Karma Part 3: Britney and her Fans 5. Leaving Britney Alone Pre order here: https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/britney-spearss-blackout-natasha-lasky/1139435224?ean=9781501377594
  5. The millionaire offering her millions to take her virginity when she turned 18. the oops or Britney era she discovered a man was living in her garage for like a year while she was on tour.
  6. i'm behind the account. It's fun. I started it out of boredom, also a social experiment with a few friends in the community. the britney fanbase is hella gullible and i just made it for ****s and giggles. I knew a few people would fall for it, but i didn't expect it to go that far. all the face pics i take from her IG and edit on PS. I was behind the fake Britney twitters too stans literally fall for it every time people DM me the craziest ****.
  7. His trying to be a rap star and enjoying her riches in his luxury cars and boys trips to vegas and bars while Britney was home alone pregnant with one child while nursing another at 24/25 largely contributed to her postpartum. He's father of the year now. She took public heat for trying to juggle raising two infants 12 months apart in age in front of cameras, with no spousal support only for Kevin to swoop in and fight her for custody win and take them away.
  8. I thought sometimes was her ankle. Almost certain she sprained her ankle
  9. Do ppl in Hollywood know dark stuff we don’t know? Also Eek I hope she deletes that. I think that’s too far even though I know she means well
  10. I’m scared about this. Her medication is strong af I.e. the way she appeared from 2010-2015. They are going to have to ween her off of whatever she’s on very carefully and slowly. You can’t quit stuff that strong cold turkey.
  11. Bryan was contracted by Caesar’s entertainment, never Britney, in some unknown capacity throughout her residency years. He and she shared a suite. When Jamie actually got sick Bryan stepped in temporarily just to cover whatever duties Jamie had in the residency.
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