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  1. His trying to be a rap star and enjoying her riches in his luxury cars and boys trips to vegas and bars while Britney was home alone pregnant with one child while nursing another at 24/25 largely contributed to her postpartum. He's father of the year now. She took public heat for trying to juggle raising two infants 12 months apart in age in front of cameras, with no spousal support only for Kevin to swoop in and fight her for custody win and take them away.
  2. I thought sometimes was her ankle. Almost certain she sprained her ankle
  3. Do ppl in Hollywood know dark stuff we don’t know? Also Eek I hope she deletes that. I think that’s too far even though I know she means well
  4. I’m scared about this. Her medication is strong af I.e. the way she appeared from 2010-2015. They are going to have to ween her off of whatever she’s on very carefully and slowly. You can’t quit stuff that strong cold turkey.
  5. Bryan was contracted by Caesar’s entertainment, never Britney, in some unknown capacity throughout her residency years. He and she shared a suite. When Jamie actually got sick Bryan stepped in temporarily just to cover whatever duties Jamie had in the residency.
  6. Madonna has a song called Batuka with very fitting lyrics. it's a call and repeat about getting something that's been in place for a long time to end and it has a line that says get that old man and put him in a jail (Jamie) hehe.
  7. 99.5 percent sure the source for this is Billy B. see his latest tweet plus this reads like him. No one from the outside is able to penetrate her circle and get directly to her nowadays and someone is lending ET direct quotes from THE elusive reclusive Britney Spears herself!
  8. I sure hope so cause so far he hasn’t produced anything legitimate and I’d hate for someone to do digging or her team come out and expose him and then that hurt the movement.
  9. Ik ppl are mixed about him and I respect that. I personally don’t believe him. With a celebrity of Britney’s caliber if you are friends with them you don’t do press tours announcing that and posting screenshots of alleged conversations to prove it. If you’re her friend there’s nothing to prove and it’s not a badge of honor. Y’all are friends cool good for you. Respect her privacy. None of Beyoncé or Taylor swifts friends famous or non famous behave like this. Him thinking he was doing something by providing old leaks and old pics available on her ig feed as proof further hurt his credibility, but it’s whatever. You either believe him or you don’t.
  10. Felicia has no direct contact to Britney but someone who’s last contracted job was for xfactor or the fantasy commercial is calling her up and texting her all day and she’s telling him all her business and telling him to speak on her behalf. She’s never been that type of person for 1, Jamie blocks ppl from getting too close to her without a business need for 2 and she has her bf Sam if she wanted to get so called messages out there lol
  11. Oh god! Him being involved makes me nervous. NYT doc set a great precedent, I really hope he doesn’t go on there lying about talking and texting her everyday. That’s gonna make ppl think it’s a conspiracy again. also do we think he’s completely bat**** crazy and making it a up or maybe someone like bananaalice is trolling him?
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