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FLOP FAN question: Why come on over charted higher than...


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Why did they chart badly?

Her team pushed albums sales more than chart positions so u had to buy the album to get the song..(and her singles still were one of the best selling songs of the year even when their chart positions were not that great)
I mean..look at the BOMT singles..They ALL sold more than ANY Xtina song from her debut album except one (Genie(and only 1 song from Britney couldn't outsell it only because it was mainly released in Europe))..and when u compare their chart peaks, Xtina beats Brit..but does that mean she had more success? Not in the slightest :drown: chart peaks don't mean that much At All.

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On 12/6/2018 at 3:14 AM, nonoiseplz said:

During those first two years(1999-2000), Floptina had way better radio deals than Britney. I think her first manager put a lot of time and effort into making sure that she was a success. After she won a Grammy, she rewarded him by firing and suing him.  :queenie:

she then hired one of the most powerful men in the industry, Irvin Azoff.
Her Stripped singles still flopped in the US tho

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Um britney didnt release physical singles in the us, christina did, back in the day there werent digital sales or streaming so charts were only based on physical copies and radio, the fact that  britneys singles managed to chart so high without a physical release just shows u how big she was. Floptinas singles were number 1 cuz she did release physical singles and her songs also did good on the radio. Had britney released cd singles a lot of her first songs wouldve been number 1 on bb but they did push for album sales and tbh it worked

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17 minutes ago, MoonLight28 said:

Por siempre tu was a success too, at least in my country, all singles from Mi Reflejo were big hits on radio

:tiffhair: she should've kept releasing albums in Spanish, I think she would've had a more successful career that way, kinda like how Shakira has kept singing in English and Spanish since she did the crossover. 

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