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  1. structural racism? racism is racism, enough bull****.... some people in usa it's really trying to create a newspeak god, why americans make everything more complicated, they love manipulate narratives to their own benefit... "racism" is the new "freedom" it seems, change the meaning of the word as many times as possible lol anyway, y'all look like a bunch stupid and manipulable people to the world
  2. Reversed racism doesn't exists, It's called racism. Black people aren't inmune to be racist either, stop giving that privilege cause it's making them more racists everyday.
  3. ARMYs are toxic af... This is a win for every fandom they attacked, for every artist they harassed, for every single idol they witch-hunted... This is karma.
  4. This is really like a karma for BTS fandom Years and years of harassing other fandoms, other artists and other idols That's what they deserve
  5. You have 2 ways to be appreciated here. One is being a messy, problematic and polemic queen and the second option it's post a shirtless pic on your profile, exhale loved thirsty traps
  6. All I want is people and media to respect her and her privacy after this mess is done. That's all.
  7. The title track it's kinda basic, like these background songs that "5 minutes craft" kind accounts on instagram put on their videos...but to be honest, music quality got worse when yg decided to go for global market...
  8. The last thing Britney needs it's support from a robber and rap***
  9. @Jordan Miller what's the official position about posting about Britney's kids here?
  10. If you are doing music for money or fame or reputation and you are not getting what you want, you should leave... But this is bull****,didn't she renew her contract this year?
  11. Oh yeah, I want to apologize to Britney for... (reads post title) ...for being partly responsible in her breakdown... and sent her a lot of paparazzi everyday... and... for putting Kevin on her way... to marry her... and then divorce her... i guess... yeah...
  12. who in their right mind will let strangers go into their instagram live, and more when you are a famous person, it was really stupid
  13. didn't ILRNR had a scene where Britney licked oil from the floor? where is it? Also, can labels please stop doing HD "remasters" of their videos with low quality sources? that "3" HD video hurt my eyes tbh
  14. Ooh La La... That should be there, I can't believe the video have more than 100M, the fandom hated the song
  15. LMAO, America never stops to amaze and amuse me, I can't believe how they can't see how they are creating a new brand of racists and anti-lgbt people with this stupid measures... "Wokeness" started as something good but at this point it's becoming a problem, what's the ending point? Trying to control actions, words, thoughs of people under their moral compasses? They even deny the chance to let people learn, seems like it's more important ruin peoples life than trying to teach them "what it's wrong". Anyway, congrats to Coca-Cola with their "Be less white" and Hasbro for your "Gender Neutral" potato whatever-that-thing-is. And remember, be proud of be black, white, asian, latin, gay, straight, trans, fat, slim, stupid, smart, or whatever label you need to use to have a personality, just love yourself... your features doesn't matter anyway, at the end we all will die and become bones (or ashes) and nothing else matters, just be a good person.
  16. ahhh america, the gift that keep on giving, a laughing stock to the whole world
  17. Better that any song on Liberation, but who it's the another singer on the track?
  18. this is ridiculous.... people twitter users can get triggered by anything at this point, it's almost funny...
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