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Britney's face in SP

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1 hour ago, Enzo said:

I actually start to like her fillers tbh... no doubt they're overdone but I think they look good on her.


Also, do you think Buttney was artificially enhanced? I know she's got a big booty but I mean look at this:





The pic won’t load :( 

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2 hours ago, billyjb26 said:

Yes, they definitely shrunk her lips for the video. Compare the single art with a screenshot from the video:

Related image

Related image

It's sad that they have to edit out Britney's bad plastic surgery these days. Oh well... At least the video itself was fire. :whatitellu:

her lips look just as big as the promo shot from this frame






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4 minutes ago, TylerTremallose said:

you do realize that lighting hitting someones face at different angles DOES make their facial features look different...


Anyways we know that ALL the music videos from every singer are edited af, male or female. I don't know why people point at Britney as if she were the only one that does it. And its not like she needed her face to be redone, she looked beautiful in 2016.


31 minutes ago, Goku said:

"bad lighting" the delusion jumped out! :orangu:

Tinashe looks exactly the same in both pictures. :heresthetea:

Her nose gets smaller like Britney's. It's the lightning that creates that effect :juggingu:

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