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  1. When you look at this video, its obvious that she had her nose done but it still looks different than her nose nowadays...Its still more bubbly here, less pointy. Did she get another nosejob later or something?
  2. When her natural skin tone is so beautiful? blackoutney with that black hair looked beautiful, it suited her pale skin and made it brighter! Now she has very blonde hair but very tanned skin. I’m not complaining and I don’t think it’s something that bothers me too much, it’s just that the sun is so harmful for the skin, and she always looks beautiful without a tan you know. tanned skin looks very good in some, without a doubt, but I just think Britney looks more natural with her real skin tone.
  3. I just googled Britney 2012 and I forgot that she looked sooo messy all the time around that time: https://www.google.de/search?q=britney+2012&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjskt68iLjcAhUS6KQKHfRVC-kQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=624#imgdii=5jWJ2OBbHhGQpM:&imgrc=AwAjXqDSMQ2wgM: But what's so surprising to me... how did she look like this only 1 year later. That was literally a new peak for the new era: She is a mystery
  4. I noticed that he is following all the big musician celebrities on Instagram. Even musicians he has never worked with before. And now it has come to my attention that he unfollowed Britney?. Britney essentially put him on the map by giving him airtime in her music videos and allowed him to be dance captain on her Vegas mega shows. Like, Britney single-handely created a career for this dude with a lot of exposure and opportunities. Anybody knows What happened? Did they had a fall out or something?
  5. Did anyone else notice the rehearsal videos were deleted? I saw a post on twitter talking about it and I checked her page to see that it was true I understand why the promo pic with the dates were deleted (the announcement, ticket links, etc) because those dates were canceled but for the videos to be deleted makes me fully wonder if they're just going to end it without rescheduling as planned Do we know anything else on Jamie's condition, is he ok? I'm genuinely concerned
  6. I've always wonder what really happened with the Mannequim original choreo , why never saw the light, it was one of the best she has done since 2004 here she still had technique, was synchronized with the dancers and looked genuinely happy doing it and the original choreo of circus was great, oh God, why she never made it complete on any perfomance??? in the end she kills!!!
  7. Both of her son, Sean and Jayden and Jamie Lynn's family are all at Britneys house.
  8. She used to idealize her and look up to her. Then they worked together and kissed. She still was talking good about her and was honored to have her on her record. Then she was already distancing herself and just appreciated her work and achievements (2005-2007) M. Was on FTR and Britney was kinda being fake as they aren’t really friends Then 2016 to completely „avoid“ her. I know it’s a game but still. https://i68.tinypic.com/1zv7ift.png
  9. What if, in 2007, we got Britney Jean instead of Blackout?... Would she still have a career? Would breatheheavy still be up and running? Would we still be fans? Would Iggy still have a career? Would pop music have gone extinct? Would eyeliner have gone out of business? Would Xtina have anything to talk about in interviews ? Would the continent of Las Vegas ever be discovered?
  10. Why pay for one when you can download my work of art? Enjoy
  11. Ok so Britney has an iconic collection of sunglasses! My personal favorites were the ones she used to wear during 2007, those were so good make sure to post your favorite pictures of Britney in sunglasses 1990-2019 cause I love to see her wearing them
  12. Update : she reposted without the photo and also the first video is low quality 1) Omg, the return of 2017ney and her runway shows 2) Also the return of pandaney 3) Apple emojis I still don’t really know what is happening with her IG
  13. I have lately been listening to this track so much and it sounds so different from the rest of the album, it's not urban, it's not bubblegum, it's not the classic 2000 smash, it sounds more like dance mix made out of another song. I love the progress from the first second to the last one. It starts so slow but it explodes at the final chorus, kind of like HIAM. During the 00's, I really never paid attention to that song because i somehow assumed it was boring but as from 2009 I started to appreciate it so much. I don't know why but being the last song of the Britney album makes me feel like it was like a prequel of what was coming in her career with a more dance sound and leaving out that sweet bubblegum sound. Just an opinion. What do you think about Before The Goodbye?
  14. Because Britney seems to showcase her voice when she’s called out by media. And she’s always had a bone to pick with the paparazzi. Could you imagine her instagram full of videos of her singing unedited (without the chipmunk filter)? A boi can dream can’t he?
  15. Blue is the color of sky and sea ?!!! It is often associated with depth and stability !!!! It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. Blue is beneficial to mind body and spirit !!!!!! Baby blue has always been my favorite color but today it’s red !!!! This pic was taken on my way to Hawaii two years ago !!!!!
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/By073gYA-ka/?igshid=3i8xmgnxkcne
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/Byy1_45gdfm/?igshid=w26cufdx6s2s But she didn’t post anything for mother’s day
  18. Just wondering if she’s underdressing and dressing down/wearing the panda makeup or even trying to look “regular” because she wants to stay out of the news I think she looks good but let’s be real, she doesn’t look like a famous person
  19. Because if you claim to be a fan of someone than you’re not supposed to hate on everything that this person does.Britney can literally post a photo of scenery and y’all will be like “omg that post was so weird,omg she is unstable” like shut the **** up.That’s the Britney we all know and love.She has always been cringy and dorky.It’s not something new or something because of her mental issues(if she even has any considering she hasn’t been diagnosed). anyway my point is that y’all were complaining when she wasn’t posting,now y’all are complaining because she is posting like come on guys,decide what you want and then come to Exhale.
  20. So Britney deleted her video regarding those pictures and her talking about her weight.
  21. What, you thought having only 1 post is enough for today? Brit is here to show us her new hair(and retouched make up maybe??) I still don’t know what to think about these past posts, it’s really confusing. At least she looks happy and that’s all it matters “maybe I should be shopping” —> hope Walmart is open and stocked up with those fancy leotards
  22. What do you think? I think they should just add a @mattzhaig and that‘s it
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