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Why did she age so much between 2007 and 2008?

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Depression I guess. People say 2006 and 2007 were sad years for her, which is true, however imo she never felt more free and rebellious than this time. Even during her peak as a performer 2001-2004 she wasn’t allowed to do a lot because of her good girl image, while in 2006 she became a mature and baddass party girl. She actually enjoyed life without a conservatorship.

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2 hours ago, WilderWein said:

she went through hell, that does something to you. i see someone who broke inside in the time between those two pictures. her eyes really showed it, but i dont really feel like she aged much, but she does look different eyeswise and her uitstraling.

The eyes says the most for me. In the first picture, she was not all there. The second picture, while she looks nice and all, her eyes seem sadder...

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