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  1. Her fans have ruined her for me. But we cant deny that she works hard for that hype. And her fans are fed like no other fan base.
  2. Im working on a little fancam that features pop girls kicking butt. So my question is, do i have all the clips out there thats available? Or are there more I'm missing? Current videos included Britney - Hold It Against Me, Femme Fetale Tour intro, toxic Madonna - Die Another Day, Revolver Lady Gaga - G. U. Y Rihanna - Princess Of China (i need more of her) Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do, Bad Blood Nicki Minaj- Fly Xtina/Demi - Fall In Line Demi - Confidence Iggy / Rita Ora - Black Widow Ariana - Breakfree Miley/Lana/Ariana - Dont Call Me Angel Pink/Beyonce/Britney - We Will Rock You Jlo/Beyonce - Pepsi Katy Perry, Janet, and Kylie needs to represented here. Any suggestions?
  3. Where are all the exhales who said the song was overrated back in 2016?
  4. Ive actually made my own EP using famade remasters of songs void of Myah. THE TRACKLIST Alien Brightest Morning Star (interlude) Now that Ive Found You Ooh La La (theme from Smurfs2) Passenger feat Sia Perfume feat Sia Brightest Morning Star Don't Cry BONUS TRACKS Perfume (acoustic version) Toms Diner Does anyone know how much of Chllin Wit You is Myah and how Much is Britney?
  5. Lol imagine discovering your sexuality in an age before cellphones and prime time tv regularly portraying LGBTQ characters. I do. I can't remember when i first realized, but i do remember crushing on boys in films and series and getting shut down by my cousins when i tried to talk about it. That's when i learned that it was something abnormal. Something to keep to myself. It was years later that i learned the word "gay" (once again thrown at me by my peers as a slur). That was when i found out there are others like me in the world but without social media, it took a while longer before i actually found some of them. My cousin was the first and became my best friend, together we struggled through out first crushes, our first ****** experiences, our first dates, first relationships, first heartbreaks, first renouncing our homosexuality and joining a church and finally our final acceptance of who we are and who we will always be and finally, unapologetically but politely, coming out to our familes. I was 25 then.
  6. I started off as a Celine Dion fan while my other friends were Mariah and Madonna fans. And then Britney came along and gave me something Celine didn't. I stanned both all these years but lately Celine is giving me everything she used to AND everything Britney hasn't been giving me esp after BJ and The FreeBritneyMovement. I've also started stanning my friends idols. But never actually gave up on Britney even though i think this really may be the end and Glory was her last era.
  7. Which half though? Cause if you're talking about the booklet. Yaaass. If you mean the songs....
  8. Imagine going through 2007 again and having to defend her everywhere. One thing i miss is a scrapbook i had with all the millions of articles and posters and pictures i had that i eventually threw away when i decided to just focus on collecting cds and dvds
  9. I read an article somewhere online that stated that pop music peaked in 2010, i think. The article didn't mention Britney specifically but was more about how pop songs dominated the charts and airwaves ect. And my first thought was that the Princess of Pop hasnt had a truly successful era since. We had FF (but tge promos were a mess) and S&S (only a single). So i guess it was true
  10. Maybe its the drought, but after a couple of listens, i kinda like it. Its catchy
  11. The rap was on a cd pressing? NOw i want this too!
  12. Lol when i went to visit my best friend and i went out with a bunch of his friends, playing this album in the car, that was the one song they kept repeating
  13. That's exactly why im asking, hypocritical ***** acting like he was never petty when a newer younger star came out.
  14. I remember Elton John saying something negative about Britney back in the day, but i can't remember what was said exactly. i remember thinking he is a hypocrite afterwards when he asked her and Justin to appear in a music video. This was back when they were dating. Then i seem to recall something he said later on and again wondering why he invited her to some event of his. Anyone remember? Or is this some kind of Mandela Effect?
  15. The key difference here i think is because they actually open about it. Britney remains silent on these issues and that just leads people to fill in the blanks. And its usually not pretty. Of course Britney should be allowed to be private about her mental health, its nobody's f**king business. But i guess thats showbussiness.
  16. Besides the obvious Justin, 07, the Cship. I also want to hear about all her artistic ideas that her label and team said no to. Original Doll, the scrapped songs,ect. And I would like to hear her thoughts on Madonna, Xtina, ect
  17. When they hyped up the performance with that ad of the snake slithering, i kinda imagined she was going to revisit the Slave performance. But this time, instead of bringing a snake, she would actually BE a snake. Like she would be nude but with body paint. Ivory and gold scales. And there would be a metal tree with jeweled apples. She would still perform MM but Perhaps in the middle the lights could have gone down and the paint would glow and the scales on her back spell out ***** as a reference to the 07 performance. And there could be a medley before the lights come back on for GEazy and the end of the song
  18. Thinking of the Instagram singing, perhaps she could do a live streaming concert in her own home. Unplugged, some covers, some songs she has neglected (like Someday), a whole lot of unreleased tracks, ect. All very mature
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