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  1. Can she effing not! She and her family are the epitomy of what's wrong with today's beauty standards and instead of not giving a **** and owning that realness she makes it about body issues with a body that's formed with the help of surgeons and beauty docs. If I could lose any sympathy for the k's anymore I would. Remember these people have kids if our generation has been majorly influenced I wonder what their kids will turn out like.
  2. She can petition for the conservatorship to end on her own terms, but she never did and as it seems never will... As far as I understand she could try to break free, but doesn't want to. It's quite surreal how she stood on so many stages had a mic in her hand and would not say anything if she weren't okay with the con. It would make waves and every step of her handlers would be under the watch of thousands of news outlets and millions of people. If she told I have no access to my boys, I'm being denied my civil rights, I'm locked up and medicated against my free will. It would lead to an outroar and investigation, no matter what team con could do to her, her family or assets it would happen under the watch of the whole world. You can't tell me team con would be smart enough to make it look like an accident. I do not get, what she could have done or what her condition could be that she is okay with all of this. It kind of feels like self hate for something she did in her darkest hours and can't forgive herself, therefore tortures herself by staying in the con. But more interesting is that she is one of the persons that would have the power to tell her story to the world and end this or make it go away faster unlike the elderly people in the movie, but she doesn't.
  3. I saw that movie and yes I thought about Britney. But on the other hand she's in the limelight and if a audio record of her spilling the tea and the truth would surface from somewhere she would control the narrative and gain power over her handlers. We know she would have ways to speak up of she wanted to.
  4. There is one thing I do not understand, Britney has Sam who is posting hid own stuff but also stories with her. If she didn't write her own captions and sm posts, Sam would interfere and try to set the record straight or she would with his help or anyone of her family (Lynne etc) come out and say everything Pro conservatorship in these channels is not from me/Britney. There are too many parties involved as I could believe Britney does not approve of these posts. Which kinda leaves me mind boggled...
  5. Seeing a barely clothed man giving a lapdance to "the devil" is problematic for some People. I'm not saying he's right, I'll just say I wondered if the presentation of the video was the most artistic it could have been put as in my opinion the over***ualization diminishes the meaning of the song. And I would have (and have for some time) said that if it was a female artist. On the other hand I'm here for unapologetic artists who break boundaries. Guess I'm torn. I can understand parts of what he might have tried to say, but you can't deny there where severe deafening bits of homophobia layed out there in plain sight which where in bad taste.
  6. You don't have to be friends to acknowledge a **** compliment from someone who allegedly suffered from the same addictions... And to call out Selena for not writing her in private instead of in a way advocating for Demi in the public eye, but understanding Demi to call out Selena as not a friend in the public is pathetic to me. One thing was showing respect and love and the other thing was throwing shade and hate, which is obviously always the better to show in private to not make a fool out of oneself and the other person. I don't like either of the two as much, Selena being the Justin/wounded girl and Demi the self pity in person.
  7. Will get hate for it, but she lacks likeability, ***kability and playing the victim all the time but on the other hand being the one who has a history of being a **nt to fans and on the internet doesn't help either. She always seemed very full of herself, self centered and too focused on make up and such. Sometimes I also question her education. I'm following her on ig and it hasn't helped with likeability at all. At least not for me. Also she doesn't seem to write or produce herself or be in the process of it that much and it shows in the choice and outcomes of her singles. JoJo or Tove Lo on the other hand are examples I'm rooting for big time (even though they most likely will never get big and just be guilty pleasure). They produce, they sing, they write, they contribute to music even though it often isn't their own and lift up new talents or give advice on ig. The new generation of pop *****es will be the ones who can be badass on stage but humble off stage and are reasonably educated.
  8. She's gone as far as producing and I guess partly financing videos for songs she wanted to put out like do something. She was ready for more control and invested in her career more visibly yet she was denied more control by her label because it didn't like the direction of Mona Lisa. I think that was the last time she genuinely was interested in being a musician/artist.
  9. Jamie's position is shady as ****... One part of me wants to believe he wants control over her estate to keep worse people from it and never let Britney go bankrupt The other part can't understand how a father can live with being paid by his daughter to take her rights away and have people on her team she obviously despises
  10. We are not bullying we are expressing our feelings towards her behaviour and today a song of glory came up on my playlist and that video came to my mind instantly, putting me off of her latest music. It has impact on me that's why I need to express my feelings on her behaviour and latest posts on social media.
  11. This is not working in her favour at all... I don't care what the public thinks about her, but I'M creeped out by these posts. I mean we had that Britney for decades in interviews and marketing campaigns and thought it would just be her being nervous or not concentrated. But she's acting like this also in private life, like a robot on overcharge.
  12. Concerning What is running through her head, instead of clearing the air what is going on behind closed curtains she posts about shitty haters.
  13. On the other hand, she is a countryside kid w/o good education.... what do you expect her limited mind to grasp and process? The spears family would be rednecks if it wasn´t for britney
  14. Hot as ice was fire as demo version without the high pitch. And in the zone (my favourite album) aged like your milk too big still,I think it or something new to the table at least for someone like Britney.
  15. They have the stems they have everything they need to pull liveney off. I wonder whether it really was a money decision...
  16. Wow, I forgot how much g eazy messed up his lines But can't judge him on that, when Britney lipsynced her own CD vocals but prepared prerecorded vocals for a song that isn't even hers..... We should be proud she didn't just lipsync along to the CD vocals of MMAI
  17. As I pointed out, it is for me. There's a spark that never goes out with that song. This is the only song on glory that sounds finished from adlibs to changing bridge.
  18. Best to worst -Make Me Still haven´t skipped this song once in my playlist and I´ll write this in every thread as a winter lead release it would have worked. Love that the song finally has a structure and builds constantly (unlike many Glory songs) - Me Against The Music - Gimme More - Hold It Against Me generic but catchy - (Slave 4 U, Oops, BOMT) Can´t really rate them, wasn´t a stan then and I find it hard to rate songs I haven´t "performed" for weeks in my room imagining choreo and stuff nor going through the motions of hearing a song for the first time - Womanizer generic and repetitive - Work ***** womanizer 2.0 on speed
  19. Work ***** is my nightmare lead single, I don't care if it became iconic for her. It's an abomination.
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