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If you could show Currentney a performance from the past, which one would it b?

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21 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

 This because i'd love her to see that, with a bit of fierceness, and attitude, people will overlook the choreography a bit, and you can still kill it.


and this for the same reasons. 

None of the choreography is exceptionally hard, or beyond what she could do now, but its the fire that makes it.

OIDIA TOUR is so underrated, production was a bit short but she was serving looks, choreo and live vocals 

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Hmm this is actually kinda interesting! Definitely not the Slave performance at the VMAs since she seems to hate it so much. My goal would be getting to her somehow and motivate her to do better than she is currently. So I guess I would either show her a really bad one or  a really good one lol. I would love to show her the You Oughta Know performance because it was so raw and different from what she's done in a long time, but I bet she doesn't like listening to her own live vocals (while performing in front of thousands of people that is, not in the studio or chilling at home) so that leaves me with this one if I were to show her a really bad one:

Or this one if I were to show her a really good one where she seems to really enjoy it:

Bad or good, she still had that Britney persona going on there. I don't know what reaction I'd get from her but I sure would love to see that! :gaspney:

By the way, when I picked those two I took a lot of things into account, it was hard! On one hand I wouldn't want to traumatize her by showing, say, some of the FF era promo performances, because even though I like those she looked and acted like she was another person, so there's no need to remind her of that time when it was only two years ago she moved on from that weird Awkward-Grandmaney phase. On the other hand, I also wouldn't want to scare her away by showing her some of her most intense, choreo loaded performances, so maybe the The Hook Up one could work because there's choreo but it's still kind of chill and laid back. I also tried to pick something that was neither too old nor too recent. Showing her 1999ney stuff wouldn't work because she was just a little girl back then and Currentney is obviously unable to relate too much to her old self (Oops was just a song...); showing something too new wouldn't work either because that would mean showing her POM performances and she's doing that still. Though if I showed her some early 2016 POM videos she might remember what the choreos and the show in general is supposed to be like (not to mention the constant tics), giving her not only a boost to end POM like the show and crowd deserve but inspiring her to do something amazing for the next era as well! Actually I like that idea, and would definitely show her a good performance because negative stuff doesn't really motivate people in the long run. :chershade:

So here's my last and probably winner option:


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