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[IG] New & Flawless M&G Video!! HER BODYYYYY

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She looks amazing here! I would love to meet Britney. And, what actually happens at a meet and greet? It looked like these two people were waiting behind the curtain, and then when it was their turn, Britney says hi, they hug, and then immediately pose for a picture. Like it all seems so quick. Do they have a conversation with her after the picture or what?

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That body! Britney in jeans slays me.

But of course, the GP is trashing her in the comments for being "impolite to her fans" and saying "this is too awkward to watch" :sassybrit: Like, FOCUS ON THE HOTNESS, GUYS :slayney:

Do y'all think that's why she mentioned being nervous in the caption? To kinda beat people to the punch?


4 minutes ago, Daxx said:


Britney is slaying us in every aspect lately, just improve the dancing and sing a little in the show and I will be found dead.

I think she has some stick-on or drawn tattoo on her stomach

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