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  1. Can someone please pm me NYT documentary “Controling Britney Spears”. Sorry for making topic because of this, but it is urgent! thanks ❤️
  2. In my opinion she has some issues, and that is ok. That does not justify this guardianship shat she is still under. The main problem, and that attracts the most attention is her appearance. Messy hear, bad make up, clothes etc. I guess she is changed for good, due to her medication history and abuse that she went through. But I just hope she will take care of herself, outside and inside. As she starts doing that, she will look way better. Different, but better
  3. She is ****, but how Sam cannot take good photo of here, and yet his instagram is full of “perfect” photos. I just wish she would put more professional photos, naked or not :)
  4. I hope she will not perform any time soon. I want her to enjoy all the freedom and money she has. She should travel the world, be with her loved ones and fine new passions in life. And most important, I hope she will take good take of herself, outside and inside :)❤️
  5. The most important thing is that Britney will be free tomorrow ❤️
  6. It is so clear now why she changed as a performer, she just did it to have here kids by her side. Zero passion and willingness tondo it. So sad. They should all be in jail!! #freebritney
  7. This is Mafia!!!! We need to riot all around to world to raise the awareness of her situation!!! These people should be in jail!
  8. If the judge do not terminate this ****, we should riot all around the world, not only in L.A.!!!!! #freebritney
  9. This is violation of human rights at every level, this should be brought up to Supreme court!!! #freebritney
  10. I hope more people will start talking now and spread the truth. Please do not judge people from her inner circle why they kept quiet all these years. Lets be real, Britney kept quiet for so long and it is reasonable that other people did the same thing. They just did not want to interfare in “family business”. It is easy to talk now what shoud be done 10 years ago. Leave that in the past, and lets do now everything possible to help her to get her freedom.
  11. Sorry but making this drama does not help. These nude photos does not show anything that we alreday did not see from Britney or any other artist/celebrity. Also, who cares about public opinion anymore. We need to talk about facts here. If she is capable to work and provide for herself and her kids, this circus should end. End of story. She has a good lawyer now, and I am sure that he will show everyone that this guardianship is ilegal from the beginning and it was used as a business model and as a toll to control her. So if you want to help, just support her and spread the positivity. Do not start additional drama and stop questioning Britney mental capacity by her silly instagram.
  12. Some fans are worse then haters. She can do whatever she wants to do with her life. If she wants, she can become a **** star and that means she is crazy? She is out of control? People look on Britney like she is a public property, and guess what she is not! She can do with her life whatever she wants, like rest of us! #FREEBRITNEY
  13. I really do not understand why people do not believe it is Britney who is posting these posts. I am a fan since the begininng, and I am sure she is posting everything in the few past days. She was always goofy and had attitude “I dont give a ****”. Is she looking her best, of course not. But this is who she is at the moment. I believe, after she gets her freedom, she will take better care of herself, and her posts will change. About what should she post anyway? She is not seeing her friends, kids or going out. Her social life is equal to zero. This is her life at the moment, and let her be. #freebritney
  14. I don not buy that she is schizophrenic, because if she is she could not perform all of these years with that diagnoze. As time goes by, I am more convinced that they do not have a right diagnoze of her mental health. They are just feeding her with different medications and that ****ed her. I hope after they free her, she will invest few years in her wellbeing and proper treatments so she could live her life in full capacity.
  15. Britney was always weird, she was just more controlled by her team in terms what she is going to put out there. I personally do not like her IG content, but let her be. #freeBritney p.s. I have a friend, she is an artist, born on same date as Britney and I see so much similarities between them. I do not care attitude, messy hair, weird instagram posts etc. So, just let Britney be herself.
  16. I hope she will remove from spotlight, and move from USA to Europe. And I hope she will have normal life, and maybe make a comeback after 5 years. And if she does not make any comeback, I am fine with that. I just want her to be happy.
  17. I believe that more important thing is her low net worth. That is the main point that Rosengart should investigate. By the way, I do not see anything wrong with her latest posts. Girl just spoke her truth.
  18. This is new news? The judge denied termination request made 2 days ago? How it is possible to denied it after only 2 days????
  19. Lets be real, she has mental issues but that does not justify this conservartorship. Also, if you pay attention her IG posts were ok before 2019 incident. They messed seriously with her head with lithium. But regardless everything, she does not deserve to be prisoner of this conservatroship. She needs to be free, and have good support by professionals and her family so she could live her life in full capacity.
  20. Lets be real here. They are evaluating her for 13 years, and yet they are letting her to work constantly to provide everyone with money. Why should she be evaluated again? There is no sense. There is a lot of people with serious mental health issues, and they live freely. It is all in good support system designed by individual, professionals and family. What they are doing to her is illegal and people who have been doing this to her over the past 13 years should be prosecuted. She just scratched the surface with this court hearing, we cannot even imagine what all happend to her over these 13 years. If the state of California is not capable of resolving this mess, then this should be brought to the Supreme Court. Or even to the human rights court in Strasbourg, Please be strong Britney ❤️
  21. She just scratched surface with this hearing today. We cannot even imagine what all happend over these 13 years. Please be strong Britney, world heard your voice today. ❤️
  22. I am so sad. We all had opinions and theories regarding this conservartorship over the years, but this is so wrong what they are doing to her. I did not except to hear this today, because I believed that such thing cannot happen in USA. I hope everyone involved in this mess will face the deserved justice soon. So sad. Please be strong Britney ❤️
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