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The G-eazy scene in original make me video

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4 minutes ago, Curiousexhaler86 said:

Everyone was freaking out saying it was a **** scene, and that it looked like he was choking her.... It just looks like they're having *** ffs :byebitch:

it looks like britney is stroking g-eazy:lostney: i dont feel any sign of choking:weirdmeout:

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Guest $elfish

I find the whole video very uncomfortable :nydisgust: 

time to get destroyed because I said something bad about the legendary the amazing original make me mv:NYsassy:

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I really like G-eazy, but his scene remind me of...



and this director's foul  or  achievement... I would prefer if whole video was that hard to stand like this cameo performance, cuz it would be something unique.
Hate/love reaction time :uknowit: 

The rest is just POM show, which I love, but not as vid to MM.

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