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  1. Aww you must have been a kind and innocent kid who don't judge Honestly people are disgusting. He is clearly is distress and all people do is making fun and bullied him. Im quite sure in 2021 someone crying in desperation will not become a meme. People will show much more compassion.
  2. I don't blame you or other fans disliking the vid at that time. It was a different world back then in 2007. It was cruel. People who were making fun of britney definitely didn't see themselves apologizing to Britney 10 years later. I agree some parts can be extra and even myself found it funny but i don't think he is acting. I feel like he just care too much like many of us do now. It's heartbreaking that at that time people were count down/wishing her death, a mother of 2 young babies. If i were him i would be that angry too. The only extra thing is that he upload a teary video. But i guess he just wanted to get the message out? Thats probably why he say it in such way? Anyway i respect him so much for speaking up for her when nearly no one dare to, even if he unstan/become a hater later. After all he was cyberbullied.
  3. He actually was on the same side with Britney since shewas forced to perform according to her testimony. It doesn't make her happy as chris said.
  4. Now i read he was only 19 at that time I can't imagine his pressure of being laughed at by the entire world just because he cared about Brit. Every word he said is so right I see no lies. I can see that he was hurt and genuinely care so much. He did an interview days ago and he still tell people to focus on britney after years of being mocked. To me he is the true hero "There's no way to feel vindicated about it because the entire point of making the video was for her to be happy and free and to know that in real time, at this very minute, she still is not?" they said. "Overall, it's still not about me. And I think people like to retroactively clap for me or say they should have listened, but I'm more interested in people self-reflecting on why they didn't." Source: https://www.npr.org/2021/06/27/1010355669/chris-crocker-leave-britney-alone-video-creator-reflects-on-whats-changed How did fans feel about this when the video went viral? Did fans support/get embarrassed? I became a fan after this so i don't know.
  5. Can i share what you said? Your points are so legit. I mean wht would they give her a chance to screm for help on Instagram if she is not even allowed to see friends/go to salon/drive. In the comment section a lot of fans seems to believe or they dont even know it is a fake account. I want post your point under her post
  6. Still as mesmerizing as the first time i watched it. My favorite part is when xtina's train blow up lmao I think someone talked about it when it came out. Tbh this deserves more views than the real music video
  7. Dont keep me waiting Work ***** The answer Heaven on earth Dear diary When your eyes say it
  8. But tbh FTBOMBH is one of the most beautiful music video i have seen Goof for him
  9. i was expecting lyrics from album tracks but all of them are big hits of brit and way too easy
  10. Why is this called Warmart stream? It was supported by Warmart or what?Can anyone fill me in? been a britney fan since 2007 but there are still a lot of things from primney days i don't know
  11. so I record new cover - positions let me know what does Exhale think Song suggestions are welcomed (Britney songgg)
  12. I want to cover BOMT Love that low voice that britney had during the BOMT era sis you can make suggestions if you want to Im running out of ideas
  13. I learnt from the best (britney)
  14. THANK YOUUU Subscribe if you like it I am planning to make a new cover every friday
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