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I dont understand

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2 minutes ago, alexdaily said:

they even said that she was going to do something she had never done before 

I first thought she was about to sing live, she never done that before :pieceofwhat:

 Afbeeldingsresultaat voor britney spears awkward gif




















JK, they really did overhype it ORRRR they changed the performance last minute (like they did with the premiere, the video,...) sounds possible lmao

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That performance was sooo plain it was a shame... even the GP was hyped for it (for the first time they gave a crap about Britney in almost a decade). She shouldn't have performed there and saved the performance for a future ICONIC one. So the she hasnt performed since 2007 thing would still be huge, since that and the fact that all britneys performances there had a huge impact got everyone crazy. Even the 1999 one was more impactful. And dont u say that it helped Make Me going #2 in itunes, it was the carpool karaoke (which was also a mess, could've been wayyy better). Her team didnt take it serious enough, they took her to those places and allowed her to have such a crappy performance and didnt even properly explain to her what CK was. YALL the glory era was her chanceee, the hive, the monsters, the katycats were all SHOOK and SCARED. Everyone thought she was gonna smash. She shouldn've done the promo if it was for that. Now we cant even say that she flopped cause of no promo. She flopped cause of bad promo but people forget about that...

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The billboard awards were more iconic looks and slayage wise. She looked so flawless, her body, her make up, her hair, her face, her stage outfit. I mean the whole thing was flawless. 

I was not here for the vmas, it looked all so cheap. Billboard even had her guitar. :weirdmeout:

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1 hour ago, Black_Out said:

How a commercial can be more iconic than an actual performance! This commercial slays, yet the performance was not good for Britney's VMA standards imo. 


such a good commercial and then


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Me and my Beyhive friend streamed the VMAs in the office. I was full of pressure (and rage) after Beyonce slayed performed.  :meltdown:

After Britney performed I went out of the office and did not speak to him for two hours. :byebitch: I was so mad at everyone.

Resulta ng larawan para sa tiffany pollard fight gif

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1. The song (make me) wasn't the right option to be performed at such big awards with super high expectations given she doesn't sing live and her strength is to put in a great show with stage effects, wardrobe, choreography, dancing, etc. 

2. It is very very hard to do something iconic these days when we have seen almost everything and events in music go way faster than before. Social media changed everything, things used to have more longevity than now. 

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