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  1. I know but I also wont be surprised when her song blows up and she does little to no other promo. A million interviews and performances wont impact as strong these days. Mtv's VMAs, Diary, Making The Video and TRL were massive in sharing the success of Britney. Today its streams and social media. Heavy promo isn't needed (wouldn't hurt) but ultimately a catchy beat and visual pays off big time.
  2. I highly doubt money is the biggest problem. She was miserable FF era and it was highly successful. Make Me had a proper video and the promo did seem promising, so once again that is not a great example. We only know it didn't work, but not why. Selling (imo) isn't based on a ton of promo anymore as streams and the internet count much more. A stunning visual and good beat is all you really need these days and the rest will follow, hence why I recommended a Calvin collab and good director.
  3. All Brit Brit needs is a smooth and catchy banger (ONE KISS or just another perfect Calvin Harris beat) and a video on the level of LWYMMD or NMTLTC (Taylor & Ari). Brit would SLAY. Visuals are very important for streams as we all know, but the new Ari song falls so short imo. We all know it will do great though because that video is amazing. I'm ready for Britney slayage. Its an easy formula. She can still reinvent herself with the proper plan and people/be successful. The summer tour is perfect timing. Take my advice Brit. Call Calvin and Joseph Kahn. Problem solved.
  4. The original video looked good but not spectacular or on par with many of her others. The looks were ok minus the red paint. That's def not easy to pull off. It's a stand out.
  5. I remember going to work the next day and this lady said Britney was good, but just good because she imagines Brit with a bunch of dancers and wondered why she only had two. She also said she could count Britney's steps going 5678. She said Britney herself looked great but it was cheap and calculated. Not how she pictured Brit but better than what she thought as she thought she was still crazy.
  6. I think it's safe to say B10 is coming with all this amazing buzz happening. Yes it's POM but shell add some new material from B10 if anything. Plus the Pepsi ad. I'm so excited. These past few days have been the most exciting being a fan in a while. There's a tad bit more effort being put in and finally.
  7. Would you be down if Brit went Tyra on us and did a show called America's Next Top Back Up Dancer? Lmao. I can actually see it where instead of models she finds the best dancer and prizes them with amazing contracts. She was a little cringe on XFactor but this show would be taped. I think she'd slay as the boss roll.
  8. For everyone doubting Britney, have you not seen her bod? Did you not play Glory? Have you not seen her IG likes rise? Have you not seen her stage confidence? Did you not know about her major venue success? Did you realize Vegas is over? Have you not noticed her singing live? She's made night and day progress. This isn't the same as before. She's literally stronger than yesterday and I'd say it's an obvious make or break it time. Fans need to move on. So what if we don't have primeney, we sure as **** also don't have robotney either. This is a new peak.
  9. Idk I was just thinking about this because she has lyrics like coming down from turning in Just Luv Me or drinking wine in CWY. I always hear those lyrics and wonder why she sings about something she doesn't do.
  10. This is make or break it time. Vegas was great for her personal growth and now she needs to show the world that she's back to being that fun relatable pop star. The X Factor and FF era really did a number on her public perception. She's slowly regained some respect back in the past year with all the music festival performances. You can tell just by the fact that her IG is getting more likes than ever. All she needs to do is make an album and promote the actual album. Didn't she just sell out one of her biggest venues last year with Asia? That should speak for itself. People are here for Brit, they just need to know next time around that she has an album out They need to stop treating her like a vet and more like a current pop star legend. I never understood if Vegas was used as a vet spot to settle down or change the game for young stars. Four years is so short in perspective but she needs another huge bang. The world is ready now.
  11. It's so odd seeing people respond saying they didn't really know her until after 2007. She's BRITNEY SPEARS! Like how? I was always a fan. I became a Stan during Blackout though. I was 8 when Bomt was released and I remember it was the first song that ever felt magical and REALLY excited me in my life. I didn't like Genie In A Bottle. It bored me. I owned Darren's Dance Moves and learned the Crazy choreo, had the Pokemon soundtrack and loved Soda Pop, and when Oops came out I still a 20 out of my Mom's bag, ditched her at Walmart and bought the album. Then they had to paige her up front and when we got in the car I casually pulled out the album and she was furious but couldn't help but love the album herself. I didn't like Slave and I also felt like she was being marketed more towards girls at that point where the first two albums we're sheer pop that appealed to everyone. Then Toxic happened and I couldn't understand how a song could sound so perfect. It's been played over and over but imagine it being fresh. And the video? I can't be topped. I also remember a girl in my 7th grade class gossiping about Brit committing suicide in her new video Everytime. Those are my biggest memories of her until I got a phone call from my older sister one day and she was like have you heard the new Britney song? It's techno and AMAZING. Then it came in and I was so slayed I got chills. Back then Gimme More was considered techno especially for radio. Then I heard Radar on Myspace because of the leaks and I nearly died. The memories. Primeney was so big it's not comparable to anyone else. Ironically artists like JT and Beyonce got bigger but they weren't on her level or close. She ran the game. She ran the world.
  12. Idk thats not a solid example lol. I think Brit herself is outdated and follows trends where Larry supports her. Circus era is amazing and that never felt dated when his job is simply to hire the right people/gigs. I think its up to the artist. He booked her all the hottest gigs for Glory. Jimmy skit, carpool, Apple, Iheart, ect.
  13. he did great during Bangerz and currently does great with 5H. Miley wont sell or go on tour with the music she recently released.
  14. If true, thats funny. How do you know this?
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