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A cool theme idea for B10

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A Victorian era style. Almost Queen Elizabeth 1 style, only with a modern twist. Queen Britney. Something with a catchy name as well, but simple like "Dynasty" I'm sure Francis Lawrence would slay the **** out of a lead video for this type of theme as well. I'm all for this. 

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35 minutes ago, Urbanney said:

Wasn't Femme Fatale kinda similar to this though? The booklet? I mean not exact, but a similar Victorian/royal/vintage style:







I can see it in the first pic, but not really no. Its more regal. I want more authentic and royal. 

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23 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

YAAAAS!!!  I'm here for Marie-Antoinetteney :jumpney: 

Here for a Baroque French monarch type theme too.I prefer it over Victorian era. Maybe she could film a video like the Victoria Secret angels did a few years back, didn't they film at the hall of mirrors at Versailles?

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