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Are there any Britney songs you LOVED when you first heard and then grew to hate?


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I wasn't really a fan of the Blackout album upon first listen, and now it's my favorite record of hers.

Radar was my favorite of the Blackout songs from the very beginning, and now, while I think it's good, it's certainly not a favorite.

Gasoline used to be my favorite FF track. Now it seems like a filler.

Fortunately, most of Britney's songs I've ended up liking more over time (except most of Britney Jean), not vice versa.

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I wouldn't say I hated it because that's a bit strong but the only Britney song I cant be bothered with now is Baby One More Time. its literally the only one that if I'm flicking through the music channels and that's on I turn it over. I dunno why but I cant be bothered 99% of the time to listen to it

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I loved Femme Fatale back then but now I don't really have much urge to listen to it.

Drop Dead Beautiful is one of the worst songs in her discography and overall the album is aging pretty badly. My favorite songs are now He About to Lose Me, Selfish and Don't Keep Me Waiting.

I still get moving with Till the World Ends though, and Hold It Against Me still has one of the best dance breaks in pop.

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Not really. All the songs, whether I love them since the beginning, or not so much, they tend to keep growing on me as time goes by. Thus, songs I've always loved like OIDIA, I just keep loving them more and more each time.

But, there are a few rare cases, that it's not that they stopped growing on me, but it's just that they don't grow on me that much anymore compared to other songs. For example, I loved I Wanna Go since day one, and I prayed day and night for it to become the third single instead of Big Fat Bass, and it did, but then, I watched it so many times on television, here in Mexico, in a tv channel called Telehit, they were still playing it even in 2012 as if it was her latest single, when S&S was already out, so I kinda got tired of it, but I didn't hate it. It's just that other songs kept growing more on me to the point of surpassing it, like TTYH or Scary. I started to listen to it again once POM started. 

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