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  1. Thank you! I am, but mostly because it seems like most people are kind of iffy about that song in general
  2. I've always wanted "Better" as a third single. I think it's just really what radio would have eaten up at the time. I'm not the biggest fan of DYWCO (as evidenced by the mix I did where I changed like... everything...) but people here seem to like it quite a bit, so maybe it's just not my cup of tea. From the responses here, it seems like it would have been successful. I never really saw Liar as a single but it could have been better with some tweaking. I made this more pop-styled mix of it last year, kind of like how they remixed Criminal for radio:
  3. The Blackout cover was bad in its time because they kept using that picture EVERYWHERE. It was the GM single cover... it was on the internet ads and promos... with everything that was going on at the time I thought that perhaps they didn't even have more than that photo to work with (issues with communication, etc). In hindsight, it's kind of iconic in a way and I've grown to like it.
  4. Thank you! I'm glad someone noticed that; there's actually nearly like, 25 layers of a virtual chorus of different voices compressed under her to give it a fuller sound. That would be a fun idea, I feel like knowing me, I'd probably end up turning it into a club mix though, haha. I've done the modern-day interpretation (I'm assuming you're meaning a modern day pop sound) on a couple non-Britney songs that I haven't been able to release yet, but yeah that'd be fun to do with a Britney track! Thank you so much!
  5. I hear ya there, but I kind of felt like I was doing the same style of mix quite a bit (first with Levitating, then Matches, and another one to come that I'm working on...) so I wanted to change it up just a little bit. Maybe not Oops per se, but maybe Britney (2001)-ish, where it's just a little bit moved on from that. Thanks for the feedback, it's always welcome! It's funny that you say that because the beat is actually mostly sampled from a Max Martin song, but nobody has figured out exactly what it is yet. This one is definitely more low-key pop than the other one's I've done in a Y2K style, but I still think it fits the 1998-2002 general pop sound.
  6. Thank you! Honestly, the art sometimes takes me longer than the remix itself because I don't think it comes as naturally to me... but the original is kind of toned a bit gloomy so I just wanted to bring it out a bit more and make it more vibrant!
  7. Thank you! People seem to like these, so there'll be more on the way
  8. This is from the Y2K series so it has that 2000s pop, Max Martin kind of vibe. Even though I didn't sample it at all for this, it kind of reminds me of One Kiss From You. Hope you guys enjoy!
  9. Heard this song was making a comeback so I mixed up a little revamp of the one from last year!
  10. It's great isn't it?? I did, thank you! I wish her vocal take was a bit stronger but I think that's just her style of vocal... but it works well with club mixes! I think they fit this vibe better than the original acoustic; it's a catchy song though imo.
  11. Their singles are definitely their best, but 'Lonely' , 'Mind Machine', and 'So Magical' (all from their first album) are all worth a listen imo. Some fun slices of europop there. Their second album is okay, but musically seems to be aimed at a younger audience. Songs that could've been good ('No Place Like Home' and 'Star' come to mind) are decent productions with catchy choruses, but are drawn down by childish lyrics.
  12. I love ATC. This is the best version of their first single, imo. Adds just a bit here and there and really makes it shine:
  13. A little bouncier, a little more dance for those who aren't big into the acoustic stylings of the original: Standard Mix: Club Mix: Radio Mix:
  14. I've already heard some very good dance remixes of this, so I wanted to try something totally different. Twitter: Youtube:
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