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  1. they probably yelled it at their show and are feeling defensive your example was perfect. the only funny time was the first time... because it was authentically hilarious, random and nobody had ever done it before. Britney's laugh was genuine, the entire reaction and everything was organic. after that, it was just people screaming while they filmed with their phones trying to get the next viral tweet or insta post and it became very fake and I'm sure annoying af. but that's the internet now: whether it's a challenge, dance or whatever: everyone tries to recreate the original for clout instead of creating something original and it has nothing to do with rewatching pom videos because I don't watch them. the first moment was viral so people literally only knew to do it because they saw it online - it has nothing to do with how many videos some fans watch because it only truly happened once and everyone decided to mimic it
  2. Every time they hate on fft, they mention her weight. Annoying af and rude
  3. What... is delusional about what I said? Is alien not about finding someone you trust after feeling isolated? Is passenger not about finally letting someone else take charge in a relationship after always insisting on being in control? is it should be easy not about how love should be simple and not full of pain? Is til it’s gone not about regretting the loss of a partner and all the memories you had? just say you hate the album and go. nothing I’m saying is delusional.
  4. Beyoncé didn’t write all of lemonade, Rihanna didn’t write all of unapologetic or anti, Gaga didn’t write all of Joanne, Bieber didn’t write all of purpose, etc etc etc “personal” has nothing to do with songwriting. Lyrically, alien, passenger, it should be easy, till it’s gone, and most of britney Jean is indeed personal. Nobody cares about songwriting outside of stans.
  5. Yes. Out of touch. This is the same forum that makes fun of Scream & Shout and voted for criminal and slumber party. Most of you have no idea what non-fans digest or how Britney is received by the average person. its personal in the sense that Britney is speaking about love and conflict in relationships - like i said it’s CORNY but it’s fundamentally more personal than work *****, Tik Tik boom, etc. Not a difficult concept to comprehend.
  6. This forum is so out of touch with reality. As much as I hate ISBE, yes, it was a huge wasted opportunity. The sound was popular at the time and lyrically, as corny as it is, actually fits the “personal” angle they tried to market BJ as while also being a banger. Same with Til It’s Gone and Alien. All huge missed opportunities. Work ***** was a dumb lead single for “her most personal album ever” and Perfume is boring trash that nobody wants to hear from Britney Spears.
  7. no I might listen to love me down occasionally but haven't listened to the album as a whole since maybe January or even 2017. it's boring. the era was boring, theres no videos or album track performances to bring the songs to life. glory and britney jean both have minimal replay value because the eras were so lame.
  8. No, it didn’t? Britney working with Pharrell is when most of us started paying attention to her at all.
  9. People who call Femme Fatale generic, or say stupid things like “it sounds like Kesha” or “it sounds like Katy Perry” are dumb. Femme Fatale was literally an updated and sonically innovative version of the classic pop sound with structured, lyrical choruses that BRITNEY SPEARS and MAX MARTIN popularized and trailblazed in the late 90s and early 2000s. Without Britney, there is no Teenage Dream and no Animal, NOT the other way around. Femme Fatale was Britney returning to form in a pop dominated market and it was an amazing pop record. I would love Max for her next album. He is still on fire and him and Britney are magic together.
  10. britney's FF performances are way better than POM from an executing choreography standpoint and I don't care how many compilations of the same 17 seconds of POM anyone posts. she didn't do those spastic hand movements or fixing her hair or any of the stuff she does now in place of actual choreography. and I think she was cute even though some rude ppl here call it "fat fatale". plus the music was fun so it made the performances more fun compared to make me (zzzzzzz) and nyquil party.
  11. This. 3 is one of her hugest hits and one of her best selling singles and one of her longest running top 10 hits - the song was everywhere. But her older fans seem to hate it. Same with Femme Fatale in general.
  12. lol it’s the catchiest, most effortless and convincing urban-influenced track britney has recorded this decade an absolute banger
  13. 1 Alien 2 Til It’s Gone 3 Tik Tik Boom feat. T.I. 4 It Should Be Easy feat. will.i.am 5 Passenger Work ***** video released when Piece of Me tickets went on sale, but only a promotional single, not sent to radio.
  14. bomt - from the bottom of my broken heart oops - don't let me be the last to know, dear diary britney - overprotected (I hate the original version, the remix >>>), I'm not a girl, boys, anticipating, I love rock n roll in the zone - brave new girl blackout - gimme more once danja starts taking over the song at the end, piece of me, heaven on earth, get naked, toy soldier, hot as ice circus - mmm papi femme fatale - criminal britney jean - perfume, body ache glory - invitation, make me, just luv me, slumber party, if I'm dancing
  15. I saw her in Vegas a few times and each time was great but we were also close to the stage and trashed (Vegas trips are always crazy, I honestly do not remember the last 20 mins or so of the first time I saw her because we pretty much blacked out because the drinks at the axis are so huge in these big POM cups) so I had a blast every single time. Vegas tickets were way cheaper though, I don't know if I would have paid for the traveling tour anyway the videos definitely do not do it justice, but I also haven't watched much of the tour, only to see clumsy and no seas cortes - I definitely wouldn't go if theres no catwalk??? because that was one of the coolest parts of Vegas was the stage, she was never too far away or confined to a basic stage. the show without a catwalk is weird I would actually recommend u try to save up and travel to vegas for the next residency instead. idk how much of a partier you are, but the atmosphere of Vegas plus Britney's music is so much more fun and I think its a better experience than seeing this tour on the road.
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