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Britney May Take An Extended Break From Piece Of Me In 2018

Jordan Miller

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1 hour ago, OutrageousMoi said:

I think they wanna wait to see how Britney's gonna feel about touring again. I don't think they're gonna extend Vegas now.

And I DO believe they're planning things for next year. I really hope she gets extremely satisfied when touring, that's why I'm praying here for her shows to sold out.

Yes I think the tour this Summer is for her to see how she feels about it after not doing it for so long. Let's just hope she feels reinspired by it! 

Also not renewing the contract and taking a break makes sense no matter what honestly because Britney I'm sure is getting sick of POM! Taking a break would allow her to really focus on B10, relax and have some time to herself, come up with a new residency and or plan a bigger tour! 

I could see her not renewing and releasing B10 next year and promoting it pretty heavily since she won't have Vegas to do too then either going on a big anniversary tour to celebrate BOMT's 20th and to support B10 or coming back to Vegas with a totally new show which I think would be all her biggest hits along with a bunch of non singles. 

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Just cause she's in Vegas doesn't mean she's stuck anymore. I think her 20th year will be a busy one definetly. So far this little tour seems to be going super well and I hope gives her the confidence in her performing again. She's almost there, everything just needs to be tightened up a lil for her to be top notch again.

but yeah I hope a long break after this year to really change the show and record new music. If this little tour goes well it'll be great because she's the one wanting to get out there again and not feeling forced to like FFT :giggleney:

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This confirms that britney will take her tour pom, seriously this is embarrassing. While uploading videos to ig training should be rehearsing new routines adding a damn step. If she continues this way of mediocre it is better for her to retire and do the things she is passionate about, sunbathing, training, teaching dance classes to 5-10 year old girls, it is better to see a britney who hates what she does.:NYsassy:

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3 minutes ago, Vic_B_Like said:

Lol if they keep POM all they will do is like add or switch out 3 songs and new outfits with somewhat similar and basic choreography she is doing now. If she is in Vegas for her 20th anniversary and does not do something spectacular or special I would just  :byebitch:

if she will not be in Vegas, I bet she will do nothing for her 20th anniversary .. :otears:

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2 hours ago, Dirk said:


Don't you understand that this break is not to stay in bed all day but to have time work on changes we all want? choreo, new props, new pictures etc. The show is not just Britney Spears.

It says you quoted me so I'm assuming you edited and took it out. 

How do we know what the break is for. Nothing shows they want to change much or put much work into things anymore. 

So there is nothing to understand. 

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3 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

I hope she returns the next year with another show for her residency. :staysalty:

Ya'll are so ungrateful. She's never performed continuously for so long as she had since 2013. If she went touring for Britney Jean, we might still be waiting for B9 to come out. If she's found some of her old passion for music and performing now, it's thanks to the balance the residency has brought between her career and her personal life. If she takes a break it should be just to renew the show and come back next year stronger than ever. If she went only touring, she would do it just for a few months, and go to a long break, just like she did in the past. There's no way she would be touring for a year straight, even if she had breaks between legs. She would get tired very easily. If she's doing this summer mini-tour it's probably because her kids are gonna be on vacation or something, or precisely because it's gonna be just a few selected dates.

This. :selenerz: You know why I don't have a big issue with POM? Because she's performing and I've enjoyed the past couple of shows. For the people sick of seeing POM, stop watching the videos. Better yet, be productive and go buy Glory on iTunes. ;) 

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20 minutes ago, nels64 said:

The trick would be to sell well over seas, which would build hype in America. If the press keeps picking up "Britney Spears SOLD OUT" that's a great sign to Americans and builds hype either way.

Then for the 20th anniversary, they really have to step up their game and promote their ***** off. They have to have have at least a few televised performances where she KILLS the dancing and get press to report. "Britney is back and better than ever!" get stupid articles like the ones on Buzzfeed to really pour out.

I don't think it'd be hard to get her to sell out in the US again, but they need to be strategic and they need to build hype. The music also needs to be amazing. We need something on Glory's level infused with a little Max Martin and I'm sure we'll have a hit on our hands...but the press has to be on our side, and they HAVE TO ******* PROMOTE. They have to spend money to make money. Buy those radio deals, buy all the ******* banners on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes for a week. Buy billboards like Katy did. 

Larry pulled off the Circus era...I'm sure he can pull off another successful tour...but it CANNOT be Femme Fatale 2.0. 

Believe it or not Vegas has been really good for Britney in terms of how the general public sees her. She's earning people's favorability again. Yes it made her more irrelevant...but the view towards her is no longer generally negative. It is skewing more positive. So they need to ride that wave and not **** it up. We can't have FF level energy. Britney needs to look ALIVE, HEALTHY, CONFIDENT, and she can pull this off...People say she looks AMAZING now. She's just gotta Work *****.

Unfortunately the build up also comes with limitations. For every BBMA 16 moment we get a VMA 16 moment that kills any hype and then ends up killing the era.

Every televised performance has to count.

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Taking the current Piece of Me show international and then closing with a few more dates in Vegas is a nice way to end the run. It'd be great if after NYE they closed the show as is and returned in the summer or September with a new title / new show, new and improved choreographies,better attitude etc.

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43 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Unfortunately the build up also comes with limitations. For every BBMA 16 moment we get a VMA 16 moment that kills any hype and then ends up killing the era.

Every televised performance has to count.

The commercial for her VMA performance was more Iconic than the performance was :orangu:  And she shouldn't have been after Beyonces mini concert 

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