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  1. All I can say is ewwww. And honestly it just hurts to know because I always wanted to believe Bryan was one of the good guys. Because you know he was Britney’s older brother and back in the days they seemed so close and I just felt like he would always be one to protect her like the big brother should. But he failed man and it just sucks that he’s just as evil as his father and the rest of them.
  2. I’m sorry not to be shady honestly but this knock off wannabe Britney is just not it. I mean I tried watching the videos you posted but man she really imitated Britney on every level just wasn’t nooooooo where near as good or talented. She might be able to sing I guess? Even though I don’t like her voice but she is not a true performer. She doesn’t have the stage presence or charisma. The way she performs is cringe to be honest. And she doesn’t even have the “hits” to put on a Vegas show. Sis is just not worthy she can just stick to clothing lines, books and reality TV.
  3. Yes Britney and Paris should do like Make up tutorials together. Hook Britney up girl!!! I think that would be awesome for Brit to have some girlfriend time with her girls and get dolled up and feel pretty.
  4. Right…. Honestly idk about Lynne anymore. Like for the past 13 years you let Jamie…. Ugh honestly I don’t trust her family, including her mother. I hope I’m wrong but for 13 years LYNNE did nothing. I mean Britney said it herself so that’s good enough for me.
  5. Awww the fact that our girl never knew how Instagram live works is sad. Just shows how much they kept from her. I’m happy Sam showed her this and she has an idea on how it works. Lol she kinda freaked out by it tho. 😂😂 Love her and so happy for her!!!
  6. At that point Katy deserved to flop because she was also a negative person and not a very nice one either. So hopefully that FLOP album humbled her down a bit. I haven’t listened to a Katy Perry song in years and I’m totally fine with that. Plus she has no stage presence so maybe she can go back to country or Christian gospel music??
  7. I sat here and watched this whole thing man she is such a goddess. Her drive, even the way she speaks to the people around her she’s just sweet and humble. She was already a legend in the making at that point. And those vocals!!!!! Ugh I love all the little adlips and riffs she was doing. And that bodyyyyyy!!!! My gawd such a perfect human being.
  8. Love how passionate she is about certain things that mean so much to her. If that is Britney truly “posting” I appreciate her truth. She always loved New York and at one point wanted to live there permanently but because Kevin lives in California she had to stay there because of the custody for the kids. I hope she gets to go back one day and feel that sense of freedom again being there in New York.
  9. My gawdd she served so many flawless looks!! So gorgeous!! 😍😍
  10. Green is definitely one of her colors!! She looks so cute!!!
  11. Maybe she’s really proud of her new single “Wild Side” which is actually a bop. She probably wants to promote it and showcase it to the world. Sometimes when your proud of something you want to show it off. Don’t sweat it Normani the VMA’s can’t handle you girl.
  12. I’ve seen people making up to $15,000 a month off of Onlyfans. Am I jealous? Yes because I want to make that kind of money lol, have I thought about starting one? Yes lol but I need the followers. Either way It would be stupid for the Onlyfans platform to ban **** considering that is what 99% of their subscribers and users are on there for. So unless they want to go out of business it’s not a smart business decision.
  13. That white dress is cute!! The caption definitely has several meanings. But hey speak from the heart Queen speak your truth mama!!
  14. Normani is extremely talented so it makes sense that one of the best inspired her. She also said for the “Motivation” music video she threw a nod to the baby one more time video. Love the support she’s showing! Oh yea and Wild Side is a hot hot hot video!
  15. That’s right mama!! Remind them of who tf you are!!! And she accomplished all that by working HER *** off!!! Legend!
  16. His energy was so weird and off here. Nothing like how he is when he’s around Brit. Don’t like that he said she’s surrounded by a lot of “good people.” Clearly she’s not and she has said it herself she’s not.
  17. Pressure of being in a girl group but then go off and have a solo career which adds way more “pressure.” Sis just say you wanted to be a Solo artist and never wanted to be in a girl group.
  18. Miley’s one of the first celebs if not the first actually, to support the Free Britney movement. She was probably just not in the best mood or was annoyed, which is fine we all have those days.
  19. This needs to happen!! It’s the only way that disgusting two timing b!t*h of a Judge Penny will be removed.
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