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Found 15 results

  1. And Britney is also credited as the main songwriter I can totally see Britney singing this, a bop
  2. En marzo se anunció que la familia de Selena Quintanilla lanzaría un nuevo álbum póstumo de la fallecida cantante con temas inéditos grabados durante la juventud de Selena, los cuales utilizarían la alteración digital de su voz para hacerla sonar como lo hacía de adulta en sus últimos materiales discográficos. El disco se titula Moonchild Mixes y estará disponible el 29 de julio. El primer sencillo, Como Te Quiero Yo a Ti ha sido lanzado, el cual se trata de una nueva versión de un tema que ya había sido lanzado en el 2004.
  3. Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, revealed in an interview that a new Selena album is coming out in April through Warner Music. It will contain 13 songs, three of which are previously known songs with new arrangements, and the rest will be brand new to the public. As per Rolling Stone: “What’s unique about it is that not only is the music completely new arrangements, but my son worked on Selena’s voice with the computers and if you listen to her, she sounds on this recording like she did right before she passed away,” Abraham said. He described the album as a mix of ballads and cumbias that were pulled from different parts of the family’s catalog. The first track, for example, is one he described as a “beautiful ballad” that was originally recorded when Selena was just 13 years old, but the arrangements and voice work have been change to make it sound like she did as an adult. March 31st will mark the 27th anniversary of Selena's death, after she was shot by Yolanda Saldívar.
  4. In an era where Madonna, Janet, Paula Abdul, and Britney brought technical dance into the Pop Music world, I have a question. We have a current batch of Pop Girls: Miley, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and so many more; do you think dance pop is dead? Most of these girls credit Britney as an influence. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Doja Cat have tried to bring it back, but it never connected with the GP the way they wanted it to...and they all (MINUS Doja) abandoned choreo. Is this dead in the female pop world or are we just waiting for the new dance betch to make it relevant again? (Performances are time stamped for their most choreo bits)** Ladies and Gentlemen...The Queen
  5. Selena Gomez has collaborated with her friend Theresa Mingus and her business partner, Morgan Brutocao, on a new swimsuit line for their company, La'Mariette. Per a press release, the line “is all about inclusivity, body positivity and celebrating the fact that all bodies are beautiful.” “The Aura print is inspired by Selena, her aura shines through in everything she does and we want everyone else to feel that sort of transformative feeling of being their most authentic self,” Brutocao said in the press release. “Selena’s confidence is unmatched and being able to design a print with her which embodies that is so rewarding.” This is not the first time Gomez has been associated with La'Mariette. Last summer, she shared a photo of herself wearing a blue suit from the swimwear company with the following caption: “When I got my kidney transplant, I remember it being very difficult at first showing my scar. I didn’t want it to be in photos, so I wore things that would cover it up. Now, more than ever, I feel confident in who I am and what I went through...and I’m proud of that. T - Congratulations on what you’re doing for women, launching @lamariette whose message is just that...all bodies are beautiful.” The new line from Gomez ranges fro $49-$119 and is sold exclusively on la'mariette.com. PROMO PHOTOS
  6. In a scene that many people do not believe happened, but it did.. The queen of Tejano Selena in a mall in Houston, crosses paths and exchanges hellos with a future legend herself Beyonce.. While the scene is corny as hell. It kept to what Beyonce herself said, just hellos.. But, already you can tell the girl who played Beyonce, telling her mom Tina, to be quiet in front of a celebrity already had Beyonce's impact down. The fact this really did happen is still shaking me.. But most Texans on Twitter said, it didn't matter if you understood what she was saying in her Music, you just knew who Selena was, and that she was destined for bigger things, before the tragedy struck. I prefer the Netflix series over the 1997 movie. I have learned more things, like how the Spanish albums, was based off a compromise, Selena never wanted to make Spanish music, she wanted to do English music like her idols Madonna and Janet Jackson, EMI Latin just forced her into this compromise. By the time she got her crossover promise was after she won her Grammy, it took most of her career for that promise to be granted but ultimately unfulfilled. Because of her ******.
  7. Hi Exhale! In a little over a week (or exactly a week depending on where you live), the Netflix Original show Selena: The Series will be releasing worldwide. The show will cover the Tejano superstar's painstaking but ultimately successful rise to fame in nine episodes with Christian Serratos playing the legend herself. As Exhale's resident expert for all things Selena Quintanilla related, I wanted to create a thread where we can discuss the series once it's released. In the meantime, I'm curious on what everyone thinks of the series. What are you thoughts on it? Will you be tuning in and ugly crying, Exhale?
  8. Netflix just announced their new show "Selena: The Series." It arrives December 4th. Selena will be played by The Walking Dead actress Christian Serratos. The series will chart Selena's rise from her humble Texas beginnings to her superstar status. Exhale, are YOU going to tune in?!
  9. On April 16th, 1971, Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla was born. Although the Queen is no longer with us, the 16th is the day to celebrate her life and her music. 😘 RIP and happy birthday. Siempre Selena 💜
  10. When Selena Quintanilla was tragically ******** on March 31st, 1995, she had recorded seven songs -with only five of which being usable- for her fifth studio album, slated to be her English language crossover record. However, both her family and label understood the importance of this album; not just to Selena herself, but for the fans, both those who had been listening to her for years and the ones who had yet to discover her discography. With what little material Selena had left behind for the new album, as well as songs recorded years prior, EMI Records, EMI Latin, and the Quintanilla family released Dreaming of You on July 18th, 1995. Dreaming of You would go on to be an undeniably major success and propelled Selena’s fame to even greater heights. Dreaming of You’s history goes back to 1989 when a then eighteen year old Selena was signing with EMI Latin. Her father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., thought it best to sign with EMI Latin with the intent of his daughter being able to record an English language album. For the time being though, the Quintanillas’ hopes were dashed as Selena was denied her crossover album with the issue being that Selena needed to strengthen her fanbase first. Being the optimist she was, Selena threw herself into her music and went to work on her self-titled debut album. She ultimately met her label’s requirement within five years. Following her Grammy win for Selena Live! in 1993, she signed with EMI subsidiary SBK Records in November of that year. Selena confessed to feeling guilty in 1994, as she had told interviewers that her English language album was expecting to release soon despite her not having recorded a single track for it. At this, Jose Behar, head of EMI Latin, demanded that Selena be given her crossover album, going as far as to lie and say that Selena would leave the label if she was not allowed to record it. Once EMI relented, the recording process began, albeit incredibly differently than Selena was used to. For one, she would no longer be performing under the name Selena Y Los Dinos. Instead, Selena would be singing alone without being backed by her band of family and friends. The Quintanilla family felt it would be best if Selena worked with professional pop music producers and chose to take a step back. A.B Quintanilla III, Selena’s brother and principal songwriter and producer of her music, was given a choice of who should produce her next release. In the end, Quintanilla III picked Keith Thomas. In December of 1994, Selena and Quintanilla III flew to Nashville, Tennessee, where Thomas had crafted the song “I Could Fall In Love”, though the song wasn’t complete. Selena and her husband, Chris Perez, returned on March 24th, 1995, to finish the recording. When “Dreaming of You” was recorded on March 5th, 1995, at the family owned recording studio Q-Productions, Selena was suffering from a bout of bronchitis. Though the singer originally declined to perform that day, her father encouraged her to simply try as producers from Los Angeles had flown in to watch her record the track. The first take was used as the final take due to the producer’s liking her sound - bronchitis and all. Fan favorites “Captive Heart” and “I’m Getting Used To You” were recorded afterwards. The last track Selena was ever able to officially record was “God’s Child (Baila Conmigo)”, a duet with Talking Heads’ lead singer, David Byrne. The day of her death, Selena was scheduled to record the song “Oh No (I’ll Never Fall In Love Again)”, as well as “Are You Ready To Be Loved?” on an unspecified date. Only low quality rehearsal recordings exist of these songs. Though the album was intended to release sometime during September and October of 1995, the album was given a much earlier release following March 31st. With the album only having five complete songs to it’s name, the label scrambled to fill the remaining slots. Quintanilla III decided to remix some of her earlier hits, including “Missing My Baby”, “Amor Prohibido”, “Techno Cumbia”, “Como La Flor”, and “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”. A previously unreleased cover of Pedro Infante’s “Tú Solo Tú” and “El Toro Relajo”, a cover recorded for the film Don Juan DeMarco, were both included as well. The Barrio Boyzz, who had recorded the duet “Donde Quiera Que Estés” with Selena, was asked to record a bilingual version with the English translation “Wherever You Are”. Tracks “I Could Fall In Love” and “Tú Sólo Tú” were released simultaneously as the first and second promotional singles on June 26th. “I Could Fall In Love” peaked at number eight on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart and at number one on the U.S. Latin Pop Songs chart, with “Tú Sólo Tú” occupying the second place on the latter chart. “Techno Cumbia”, “El Toro Relajo”, and “I’m Getting Used To You”, were also given the single treatment, however, the lead single, “Dreaming of You”, fared much better. The title track peaked at twenty-two on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 and sold 25,000 copies in its first week. Upon it’s July release, Dreaming of You sold 175,000 copies on it’s first day alone, a then record for a female artist. It topped the U.S. Billboard 200, making it the first primarily Spanish language album to do so. As of January 2015, Dreaming of You has sold over five million copies worldwide and remains the best selling Latin album of all time in the U.S. It acquired many awards and accolades, including Album of the Year at the 1996 Tejano Music Awards and Female Pop Album of the Year at the 3rd Annual Billboard Latin Music Awards. It has now been twenty-five years since that historic day has come and gone, and the album is just as important now as it was then. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to Selena, take this day to commemorate not only Dreaming of You, but Selena’s discography and life as a whole. Dreaming of You is the dying wish of an insanely talented individual on the cusp of her crossover album, and though granted posthumously, her wish came true. RIP La Reina and happy birthday to Dreaming of You. Here is Dreaming of You track by track on a playlist, as well as the rehearsal tapes of “Oh No” and “Are You Ready To Be Loved?”
  11. Unless I'm bringing her up, for the most part, I don't hear this Queen being talked about on Exhale. Because of that, I want to educate people who know nothing about her and draw in the fans who do. Here we can discuss her music, her life, and pretty much everything to do with the Queen of Tejano. To start this thread off, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite songs by her. I'm Getting Used To You was one of the last songs Selena ever recorded for her posthumously released album, Dreaming Of You. It was the fourth single released and peaked at number 7 on Billboards Bubbling Under Singles chart. Lyrically, the song depicts someone not only falling in love with someone else, but getting used to that feeling and their significant other. Selena's voice is fantastic on this song, especially the last 30 seconds. I adore the cumbia/island feel the instrumentation has. This song, La Llamada, and No Debes Jugar are some of my personal favorites by her. Anyways... let's discuss Selenas!
  12. Someone disrespected Selena’s statue (El Mirado de la Flor) And I’m Angry! He can have any political views he wants but please don’t involve an icon like Selena. Selena never involved politics into anything she gave us and he has no right to do this. Not to mention, he’s a Latino! I’m embarrassed AF. Selena’s dad also commented on this. Full article HERE (Article links the guy’s Facebook account) Also, This isn’t the first time the statue is disrespected. What are your thoughts? He was also interviewed. This is what he had to say.
  13. On March 31st, 1995, at 11:50 AM, a 911 dispatcher received a call about a woman who had just been shot at a Days Inn hotel. The woman had run into the hotel lobby claiming that she had just been shot. Though she had a life threatening gunshot wound in her back, she managed to stay coherent long enough to say her killer’s name and room number. Unfortunately, these details ultimately could not save her from the traumatic blood loss, as the bullet had severed an artery in her shoulder. She was pronounced dead at 1:05 PM. This woman was a Grammy winning recording artist named Selena. At the time of her death, Selena Quintanilla was only 23 and already a phenomenon. She had released four successful studio albums and toured around the world to see her millions of fans. Merely weeks before her passing, she performed at the Houston Astrodome to a crowd of 66,994, which broke attendance records at the time. She even won a Grammy in 1993 for her live album, Selena Live!. She was the first female Tejano artist to ever win one. Ever the savvy business woman, Selena also had many other ventures aside from music. She worked with fashion designer Martin Gomez to design and manufacture her own clothing line, which of course would be put into her boutiques, Selena Etc. However, what Selena was most determined to create was an English language pop album and become a household name in America. Before she was signed to EMI Latin at 18 years old, she had released several albums, all of which were in Spanish. After she was signed, Selena expressed her wishes to create an English language album, but the record label executives did not think she had a strong enough fan base to do this. Instead, she continued to work on Tejano music releases. She released four albums; Selena (1989), Ven Conmigo (1990), Entre A Mi Mundo (1992), and Amor Prohibido (1994). These albums would contribute greatly to fulfilling her wish. By 1994, Selena’s star power had grown to such extremes that the label executives decided it was time to feature her as an English language pop artist. Work began on her fifth album in December of 1994 with the song titled “I Could Fall In Love”. Another song, called “Dreaming Of You”, was recorded on March 5th, 1995. The producers used her first take for the song, citing that they liked the vocal range she demonstrated, despite her having bronchitis for that recording session. The last song she would ever record for her fifth album was “God’s Child (Baila Conmigo)”. On the cusp of her crossover album and international fame, Selena was fatally wounded by her fan club president, Yolanda Saldívar. After Saldívar was discovered embezzling money from Selena’s business, a meeting was arranged at the Days Inn for Selena to attain the financial records Saldívar had been withholding. As Selena was turning to leave with the records in hand, Saldívar shot her, leading to her death. Though she’s been gone for 25 years now, Selena’s legacy lives on through her music and her fans. The few songs she recorded for her fifth album were compiled, along with some of her most famous hits, into the album Dreaming Of You. It was posthumously released on July 18th, 1995, and sold 175,000 copies on its first day. It also debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the first and only Spanish language/Tejano album to do so. Whether you’re a long time fan or have never heard of her, today is the perfect day to honor her legacy and listen to this influential, boundary breaking artist. If you’ve never seen the 1997 biopic starring Jennifer Lopez as Selena either, today’s the day to watch it as well. While it doesn’t cover her life completely and sugarcoats many events, Selena is an amazing film that was made with the involvement of her family. 25 years ago today, Selena was cruelly taken from us. Her incredibly short and vivacious life was ended out of greed. Regardless of this, Selena remains a staple in the music industry and her artistry and spirit will never be forgotten. RIP La Reina. 🌹
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