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Found 10 results

  1. In an era where Madonna, Janet, Paula Abdul, and Britney brought technical dance into the Pop Music world, I have a question. We have a current batch of Pop Girls: Miley, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and so many more; do you think dance pop is dead? Most of these girls credit Britney as an influence. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Doja Cat have tried to bring it back, but it never connected with the GP the way they wanted it to...and they all (MINUS Doja) abandoned choreo. Is this dead in the female pop world or are we just waiting for the new dance betch to make it relevant again? (Performances are time stamped for their most choreo bits)** Ladies and Gentlemen...The Queen
  2. On May 20, exactly 5 years ago, Ariana Grande released her much anticipated 3rd studio album Dangerous Woman. This was arguably Ariana's last pure pop effort, so many people look back on it fondly (myself included). While not the first time Ariana had worked with Max Martin, Dangerous Woman was an even bigger Max Martin extravaganza than the previous record. When it comes to commercial performance, it debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 with 175k units sold. Furthermore, the era spawned 4 singles: Dangerous Woman (#8 peak) Into You (#13 peak) Side to Side (feat. @Style.) (#4 peak) Everyday (feat. Future) (#55 peak) Let's not forget that the album was originally titled Moonlight with Focus being released as the lead single and peaking at #7 on the Hot 100. While Focus ended up getting scrapped, it remained on the Japanese edition of the album, which also features the superior album art: While not a single, Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne) also received a music video barely cracking the Hot 100 at #99: Finally, let's talk Step On Up - the Ariana b-side that all Britney fans should be familiar with. Why? Well, it spawned a fanmade remix featuring the instrumental of Gimme More and amassed a cult following of sorts sitting at 19 million views on YouTube: The original was a Target bonus track, and it's been finally released on all streaming platforms to coincide with the 5-year anniversary of Dangerous Woman: Kind of pointless if you ask me because nothing can top the remix, but I guess it's cute. They should've taken notes from Dula Doop and released the fanmade remix officially. That would probably generate more buzz too, tbh. What are you favorite tracks, music videos, performances, etc., from the Dangerous Woman era? Sound off below!
  3. First of all, I wanna mention that this was beginning of her career and her label really pushed her to do big promo. This Ariana is totally different than Ariana we know now. She experimented with different outfits and she looked amazing even if some of them now look bad but whatever. I really like Ariana from that era and obvi that era made me a fan (I'm not her fan anymore tho). Take a look at some of her cool moments and outfits from 2014: (This outfit is kinda horrible but I think overall she looks great) I remember her being sIut-shamed for all of these outfits but obvi totally not as much as Britney in early 2000s. I definitely noticed that at that time more people looked at her in a very ***ual way, people thought she was being really hot and a lot of guys were in love with her (me). Now I don't really see that tbh probably cause she doesn't wear risky outfits like that anymore. I read at that time that she changed her style for Big Sean to be more s xy which is ridiculous but I don't know if that's true This style wasn't the best but I like that she just didn't give a f ck during that era and she wore whatever she wanted. This is definitely not Ariana we know now. But people change and it's extremely normal thing.
  4. so I record new cover - positions let me know what does Exhale think Song suggestions are welcomed (Britney songgg)
  5. Hello, b tches, welcome back So maybe you noticed that ''sister albums trend'' starts to be a thing as current biggest pop stars like Ariana and Taylor are doing this. They are releasing albums that sound very similar in a short period of time. Ariana with her three albums - Sweetener, Thank U, Next and Positions. Taylor with her two albums (so far probably) - Folkore, Evermore. I guess Lana Del Rey as well with all of her discography but that's kinda different when it comes to her as her whole career always was that way. Maybe you know more people, let us know. I know they are artists and they have a right to do whatever they want with her music but personally, I HATE HATE HATE this new trend I have million reasons why. Their music becomes boring and cheap It's harder for new people to find their taste in these artists' music cause new albums = the same style, no possibility to like the new sound on new album as everything sounds the same Lack of creativity, no development (probably the worst thing ever) Artists are losing fans - people just can't relate to the same sound over and over, they get tired - for one album it's okay but not for three, only people that actually like the style stay The music most of the time isn't even good. Everything sounds VERY similar. & more but I have to think about it At least when it comes to Ariana, her singles from the albums are different. I have no idea about Taylor, cause I don't listen to her at all. Let me know I guess.
  6. It's no secret. Ariana is a bigger pop star than Lady Gaga today. Some blogs are suggesting that Rain on me is only huge cos of Ariana and not lady gaga. They mostly expect Chromatica to perform like Bionic.. They state at 34. She went back to the outlandish outfits and make up and theatrical antics. Bottom line is In many articles. Lady gaga's image is basically a revamped version of her original image. Many think it might not work given most modern day musicians just wear baggy sweats and a messy t shirt like a normal teenager. Messed up hair and everything. They also feel the image of gaga might work in 2010. But in 2020. It's definitely dated..
  7. Word is going that Stuck With U and "GOOBA" are expected to drop out of the top ten on the Hot 100 next week. I'll say it loud for the people in the back Had "Stuck With U" just been Ariana's song, there probably wouldn't be this big drop. The association with Biebs, who's basically having his long awaited overdue flop season, is justifying what I expected: a commercial flop despite topping the charts. That's honestly how I feel about her Gaga collab, "Rain On Me." If it's a hit, it's cause the Arianators and GP still love her. The monsters are small compared to the Born This Way era. So now, Ariana is literally the girl to call to get a hit in desperate times. Thoughts Related:
  8. Interscope records is ready to relaunch Chromatica. Rain on me is now officially being treated as the lead single. Stupid Love is now gonna be like GTFO by Mariah and be now labeled as a promo single.
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