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Found 20 results

  1. When was it…. About a week ago, that Britney “premiered” her new “…Baby one more time” outfit - and that IG post was accompanied by “Thank u” by Alanis Morissette. Maaaaaaaaaaaan - how fitting are some of those lyrics to Britney’s situation?! I listened to it on the way home today… I would LOVE for a Britney /Alanis collab whether she helped produce the album or helped song-write with Britney. I think Britney’s mind and Alanis’ songwriting ability would just be a PERFECT pairing. we all saw Brit sing “you oughta know” soooooo yeah. Lol anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Fresh off from winning album of the year at the 1996 Grammys (setting a war with the lambily as they felt Mariah Carey and daydream was robbed, due to being more commercial than JLP was). Starting in India (even name checking in Thank U, which at the time shocked viewers on MTV as they aired a Music video where Alanis Morissette was completely nude, but this upset some people as MTV said this was artistic vs. ***ual expression being seen as Artistic as well). And yes they shut down LA for two days to shot a nude alanis privately. Meaning this really wasnt CGI post edit. She hated music, as she wanted to leave due to knowing she would face constant comparisons to JLP, which it underperformed selling 3 Million in the US, compared to the 16 Million of her previous album. To ten million worldwide, vs the 30 Million worldwide performance of JLP.. So to say these kind of pressures to live up to commercial expectations is definitely much harder pressure on any artist. Part of the albums underperformance was due to the shift from anger and angst to a much calmer and introspective lyrics which was alienating to a lot of people. The album held the best first week sales for a female artist with close to 500,000 in its first week, until Britney spears broke it May of 2000 with oops!... I did it again, who would hold that record until 2015 when adele sold 3 Million with 25 in its first week of release. Alanis is considered the songwriter that allowed Taylor swift and Adele to happen.. @Jordan Miller
  3. My kinda ballad tbh Also sending her some love and positivity after her recent disturbing revelations
  4. I don't know if this is already known but i'm still making a topic about it. According to BMI, the singer Alanis Morissette recorded a song titled "Lover Boy", written by Myah Marie, Paul Geissinger, Jonathan Asher and Guy Sigsworth. Some months ago, Myah started selling a demo of a song called "Lover Boy" produced by Sigsworth on her Patreon. She claims the demo was sent to Britney Spears (team) during the sessions of her album "Britney Jean", but it was either rejected or "recorded" but did not made into the final tracklist. It seems that the song was later sold to Morissette, which recorded it but it still remains unreleased for now. Opinions about this?
  5. The Weeknd wasn't the only Artist to get snubbed. Brandy's return to R&B With her critically acclaimed B7, Shut out. Monica fans are celebrating this. But as Brandy fans pointed out Monica fans have no room to talk especially since her only Grammy is the shared Grammy with Brandy for the boy is Mine. Brandy 12 Nods 1 Win Monica 4 Nods 1 Win. The Chicks was another surprise snub considering Gaslighter was universally praised and we needed them more than We knew Alanis morrisette outside her Grammy nod for best musical theater album where she's nominated as a Songwriter for Jagged little pill. Her Critically praised album Such pretty fork in the road was a breath of fresh air especially dealing with Post partum Depression and also questioning is life really worth getting through all this misery and pain for. Weeknd wasn't the only one to get snubbed at all.
  6. Alanis Morissette admits she's a huge Janet Jackson fan. In a new interview with ET Canada, Alanis says: “I have been obsessed with Janet Jackson for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I remember having gone to see her perform when I was 15 in Toronto, and there was something about having watched her perform that day that just kind of put a spell on me, and I think I was with my manager at the time.” “I remember turning to him and saying… basically said something along the lines of, ‘I now am very clear about what I want to do with my life,'” she added. Imagine if they collaborated This warms my heart idk. Thoughts?!
  7. Alanis Morissette is glad to be honored with the GLADD and United Nations awards. But she states. The fact that she's awarded for being tolerance towards the LGBT community. That's a back handed compliment. She said I find the word accepting Better. The word tolerance is kinda like, you kinda Will let people take advantage of you and walk all on over you, basically asking for trouble. She also said, I've experienced this a lot. Andy asked about Janet.. Alanis was More niceful saying it's for all nipples In general just not hers. But Andy and Will and Grace Actor Sean Hayes was more shady. Knowing Andy. He wanted a messy shady answer as he always does when it comes to a diva he doesn't give a sh$t about..
  8.  Originally scheduled to be released back in May, this Friday (July 31st) marks the release of Alanis Morissette's ninth studio album, "Such Pretty Forks in the Road,” through Epiphany Music and Thirty Tigers in North America, and by RCA and Sony Music in the United Kingdom and Europe. It's been eight years since her last studio effort, in which time Alanis has been raising a family, hosting her own podcast series “Conversation with Alanis Morissette," adapting her 5x Grammy-winning breakthrough album, "Jagged Little Pill" into a broadway musical and, for the last three years, juggling all of that with writing and recording this album.  Never afraid to tackle delicate or unsettling subject matter in her music, "Such Pretty Forks in the Road" is both raw and haunting at times. The album is a brutally honest exploration of addiction, anxiety, betrayal, insomnia, motherhood and postpartum depression all weaved together like pieces of a home-stitched tapestry. Alanis worked with just two producers on this album, Alex Hope and Catherine Marks, which has resulted in a very coherent collection of 11 songs that truly feel introspective and intimate. Stand-out tracks like “Smiling,” "Diagnosis," and "Reckoning" see Alanis lament with a profound openness and unapologetic frankness, while showcasing the capabilities of her ever-recognisable voice, now with a mature and worldly-wise edge. You can order a physical copy of the album on CD, Vinyl or Special Collector's Box from Amazon and it’s available to buy digitally or listen to on streaming services from midnight tonight, your time, wherever you are in the world. Stream below + please comment as you listen, folks! PS: Since this is the first time I’ve done an “album review” here, let me know what you think and if you’d like to see me contribute more content like this on Exhale, thanks.
  9. We talk about mental health openly, but there is one form of mental health that's still rarely discussed, Postpartum depression. The statistics are very scary one in 7 women will actually get this. Alanis Morissette always mentally prepares herself, but sadly it always comes back. From what I understand once you have postpartum depression, every pregnancy you go through it always comes back. No matter how many times Alanis suffers from it, she will always go through it, as her love for her children. Ever, Onyx and winter, plus the love of her husband American rapper Soul eye is her strength to carry through this horrible disease. Unfortunately thx to Alanis mentioning that she went thru it a third time, a reporter for daily blast live is actually scared that she will have a worse case again, due to a new pregnancy. One of the new songs from her upcoming Ninth studio album (Seventh global studio album) such pretty forks in the road is called Diagnosis, and It's about Postpartum depression and lyrically it touches it dead on. From the opening lines. "CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT COS I DON'T EVEN CARE ANYMORE " from very in advance early reviews The upcoming album is very piano and strings driven and very dark lyrically. The Reckoning ep that came out this past Friday proves how dark and personal she's getting. Here's diagnosis.. I really do expect this project to get her best reviews since jagged little pill for it's raw honesty on addiction, motherhood and life in general..
  10. In the latest episode of Rolling Stone Music Now, Alanis Morissette discusses her powerful new album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road, 25 years of Jagged Little Pill, and much more, including a moment when she laughingly addresses years of “shaming” over those dubious examples of irony (a black fly in your Chardonnay?) in her hit song “Ironic.” To hear the entire episode, press play below: In any case, Morissette was never particularly attached to “Ironic,” which largely stood apart from the autobiographical narrative of the Jagged Little Pill album. “I didn’t even want it on the record,” she explains. “And I remember a lot of people going, ‘Please please, please.’ So I said, OK. That was one of the first songs we wrote, almost like a demo to get our whistles wet. But people wound up really liking the melody, and I wasn’t that precious about it. And I came to realize later that perhaps I should have been,” she admits, laughing. “Whoops!”
  11. Watching the feast on scraps dvd which is part Concert part documentary and a 9 track unreleased cd. One scene reminded me at one point we were very stalkish, there's a scene of alanis at an airport and she enters the room from her flight to be swarmed by fans, it doesn't happen now thanks to stricter laws forbids anybody without a ticket to a flight to actually do this now. That gives celebs more privacy during flight tours, which most preferred to bus tours. Watching it reminded me that social media made it easier to connect with fans and gave a safety net that is a barrier now. In my days we went by the tour itinerary and went to the airport the night before the big show happened to get autographs abd photos. I also believe today's music acts wouldn't survive the music industry of the past as privacy and taking time off rarely existed.. As the industry of the past viewed artists as money makers and investments and not as human beings I also believe veteran acts wouldn't handle today's industry as while they love making music, they viewed it as a job, and not as a passion or a hobby. Most of the acts like Madonna, and a few others have a workaholic mind. Telling them to take a vacation, they really wouldn't know what to do with that, as their parents raised them to have a work attitude whether sick or not. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy
  12. When you think of the 90s, Jagged little pill is a generation X and older millennials 1981-1986 defining album, somehow Taylor swift thought it was a good idea to bring out Alanis Morissette to perform you oughta know, while most her surprise guests were praised, this one got a most negative response from the audience. This was probably the first and last time she performed with a "Veteran act" as her audience wasn't happy. Neither was one critic who was actually jealous of Taylor's audience for not growing up with Alanis Morissette and this song. In August 2015, Taylor Swift invited Morissette on stage in Los Angeles to sing the song with her. Many of Swift's fans at the concert, who had been born since the song's release, expressed bewilderment as to her identity. In Slate, Amanda Marcotte suggested it was better they didn't, criticizing the song in the process. "I am happy for these teenagers who don't know who Alanis Morissette is. I envy you, teens," she wrote. "[W]eirdly enough, 'You Oughta Know' was held up in 1995 as some kind of feminist anthem of empowerment, an angry yalp of rebellion from ladies who had enough," she recalled. While she found nothing wrong with that idea in principle, she compared Morissette's perspective in the song to men who lash out at women who they believe have put them in the "friend zone." "It's still a song about refusing to take no for an answer. This is a 'yes means yes' world. There's no reason for the teens of this world to know anything about Alanis Morissette." It's extremely awkward, she hypes the audience up, and the whole thing backfired as nobody knew her or the song.
  13. There's nothing worse than a woman scorned. That's the classic saying. An audio engineer has basically unleashed the 26 Year old vocal stem from a 20 Year old Alanis Morissette. He even said. This is the only vocal take. Most of the songs are just done in one take. Only mary jane had a second take But as you see, There was no denying what was about to be unleashed a Woman angry and men scared for once.. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  14. While Meredith Brooks's Bish sounds similar to You learn by Alanis Morissette. Stop the confusion. Then, 39 Year old Meredith Brooks was really blocked from radio playlists cos she refused to remove the title of the song and the word itseld, Sure it's played now But 23 years ago was a different story. But somehow the older Brooks and the younger Alanis Morissette gets confused in 97 Alanis basically was in India on her spiritual journey which would find her letting go of her anger, And creating a calmer girl which was apparent on Her follow up album 1998's Supposed former Infatuation junkie's First single Thank U which also showed more of her vocals than her first album. This is Meredith's biggest hit and was her first major label single release at 39. She went back to independent self release once everyone realized her age was approaching 40 and the attitude and the statement was actually fake as in she was none of the things she wrote about. This was the first single to Supposed former Infatuation junkie, let's just say it shocked everybody to see a much softer side of Alanis Morissette at 24. She even told oprah this wasn't a coincidence or something that was marketed, it's just when u get older u r never the same person. When I was 21 it was I hate Men, Love sucks, Men should die, But by the time I turned 24, I changed into a different person, a more spiritual person, There has to be more to life than just fame and Fortune. That's was what the second album was about. Me embracing a new wiser version of me, and a calmer sense of direction. The progress is all there, even one day the person that hoes will stop once it gets boring and repetitive.
  15. The female Artist that created the house that Taylor Swift, Adele, Lorde, Avril Lavigne and a few others have reissued the album that birthed Female rage, unapologetic anger towards men, etc.. Jagged little pill is here in a 25th anniversary edition with a digital album. The original 1995 Album of the year Grammy winner when The competition was fierce and actually had merit, backed up with an acoustic live set of the entire album plus gems from her catalog. Recorded live this March. Stream the ultimate modern day Female singer songwriter that actually paved the way for some of your favs today..
  16. Alanis looks back on the impact of jagged little pill and how her life changed in a fast minute. But I notice interesting facts . 80% of the album is the demos, with one or a second vocal take. . It was purposely set to be unperfect, unpolished to show the raw, organic, anger and the intensity of the emotions. A quote she said reflected on my youth as as a kid and many of us older millennials particularly 81-88 "I was told that I couldn't be sad, I was told I couldn't be mad, I was told I couldn't be emotional". I can relate to that, My parents basically whether no matter What I was feeling, Fake that smile, You represent our family in public. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller Now I fully understand why it won album of the year over Daydream by Mariah Carey. Daydream was pretty much the opposite of jagged little pill. Happy go lucky love songs, perfectly polished and tied up in a pretty bow. Sometimes the organnic feel is better than the polished and perfection type.
  17. Alanis Morissette announces an exclusive digital 25th anniversary edition to her juggernaut album, Jagged little pill. The new digital album comes with an exclusive live acoustic album that was recorded earlier this year at Shepard's Bush Empire in London, Before it all went down. She also announces her upcoming akbum Pretty forks on a small road will be available Friday, July 31. The link takes you directly to a site where you can Pre Save, Pre Add or pre Order any on digital provider of your choice.. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy
  18. https://music.apple.com/us/album/jagged-little-pill-collectors-edition/1031419290 Alanis Morissette issued the iconic female singer songwriter album Jagged little pill on this day in 1995. The album released by Madonna's Maverick records. The album is credited by birthing the female rage. Anger about men, *** abd religion. It's also the best selling Release on Madonna's Label. 16X platinum in the US. 30+ Million sold worldwide Won the Grammy for album of the yesr (earning the forever wrath of the lambs), Best rock song. Best rock album and Best pop album. No she didn't win best new artist as rumors said she did. She wasn't even nominated as her Two Canadian releases disqualified her at the time. Ironically when The Spice girls and backstreet boys arrived in 97. She was happy as she started to feel like she started a trend that wasn't going anywhere but down "I came at the right time, right off the end of the grunge era. I extended it a little bit. But let's be honest. Grunge was going to die since The king of that music genre Kurt Cobain took the genre when he died. But I'm glad to know that I'm the female grunge queen. Something Courtney love tried to be but failed all at the same time.," Alanis on how Madonna was the only one willing to sign her. Madonna on signing Alanis Morissette and other left field acts like Deftones and Prodigy. Acts that typical record labeks would pass cos they value money over art. Charts and success over artistic integrity @JordanMiller @Roxxy
  19. Alanis is delaying her new album Such Pretty Forks In The Road, but she decided to give us peasant sone of the tracks off the forthcoming record anyway. Following "Reasons I Drink" and "Smiling" is a piano ballad titled "Diagnosis." Interesting song to release at this moment. Thoughts? 01. Smiling 02. Ablaze 03. Reasons I Drink 04. Diagnosis 05. Missing The Miracle 06. Losing The Plot 07. Reckoning 08. Sandbox Love 09. Her 10. Nemesis 11. Pedestal
  20. Before her international debut jagged little. Alanis released two Dance pop albums think Canadian Paula Abdul and Britney spears. It's well known. The masters are destroyed and Alanis and the follow up Now is My time is only available via file sharing. Enjoy the original albums By a teenage Alanis before she became a rock goddess. Her voice is still there.
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