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Britney passing all her court-ordered dr*g tests in 2007

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And yet kfat was accusing her of all that thats why they tested her. They should have tested him. He is already accusing her again in that daphne interview for the same thing and ppl again believe him. I wish Britney sued him for good. Child support is over soon, he will come up with new bs. 

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5 minutes ago, dran said:

what makes me sad is thinking about what happened to her in between the tests when she refused or didn't answer to test :( bless her

She was probably busy finishing the bible that day 

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Wow thank you so much for this sharing! Did we know it already or it's an old new doc that just leak?

This proof how d *umb this society is! Media and team con wanted the GP and fans thinking she was a d *ug addict or something and everybody believe these b.s. still to these days! Even here!


Next time I heard someone saying that Britney is a d *ug addict I will print these files and put them in their b  *tth* oles!!!

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Although this is good for public to see, it’s too late. Damage is done. She’s gone from pop goddess to crazy dr*g addict and that stamp stayed there for 13 years. People would still think that she’s doing dr**s if they see this document with their own eyes. 

a time ago someone told me that it doesn’t matter what you’re saying, the important part is how you’re saying. So she missed all the opportunity to turn the tables  for her own good. Freebritney spirit is dead and public turn back to thinking that she’s not well. Her instagram ain’t helping.

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I run a dr*g and alcohol program in NY that deals with family court all the time. Never in my life have I seen someone be requested to get dr*g tested every 2-3 days. That’s ridiculous and excessive. As for the absences, courts alert you the morning of that you have to be there before court closes for the day to test. Giving people as little as 4 hours notice to get to court and have someone watch you pee. And as you can see, it’s random. You literally have to be ready at the drop of a hat to stop what you’re doing and go and get tested. It’s designed to catch people and penalize them. 

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1 hour ago, cordelia69 said:

I’m sorry, as much as I love everyone’s support, the OP has no source (already PMed him and no reply). 

Curious to know source for this, too. Saw the name “Kaplan” and immediately thought of K-fed’s lawyer but don’t think it’s the same person.

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6 minutes ago, icybaby said:

There r 4 dates she refused and failed to respond and means wasn't tested. But others she passed we been knew for years. Yet the full custody of her boys were given to Kevin. Based on pap photos and videos i guess

Her whole cship was rigged by corrupt judges. Do we have any surprises here?

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