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  1. Interesting, I’ve never experienced this with that with anyone.
  2. I was just scrolling instagram and I wanted to check. Britney’s page. I’m not following her because I still think her social media accounts does not belong to her. I wrote her name to the search bar. And one of a sudden her name did not show up. I checked a page has her page tagged and I can still see her page. But her name doesn’t show ho when you search it. I checked other people and celebs but I can find anyone I’ve searched. what’s going on? Is this a bug?
  3. I guess this was the last second I’ve spend for these ignorant family. I wish Britney would never have attached to these leeches.
  4. Those medication bloated her and she was force to lose those weight with hard work outs :( Everything is a nightmare from top to bottom. Let’s hope to the Gods that she can break through. She did freed from that evil father and let’s now hope she will break through from the whole conservatorship fiasco.
  5. Britney has been frequently criticized by fans in recent years for not having her old performance skills. but all the shocking information we've received over the past few years has brought to mind this question I used to dislike. Britney was heavily medicated to death when she went to all these award ceremonies, concerts and events. The poor woman was threatened with her children and officially had been thrown on the stage to entertain us. I think a lot of us should be uncomfortable with that. yes, her performances were not catchy and far below Britney Spears standards. but none of us knew what it feels like trying to dance with an iud in your body while being insanely choking on psychiatric drugs. I don't understand how they can do this to their own relatives, even to a stranger, whether they believe in any belief system and God before court ordered justice or not. For years, we discussed the vocal competence of her in these forums. but when I heard Britney say, "I cry every day, I'm unhappy and depressed," I felt so guilty. Britney is a perfectionist and probably suffered a lot when she saw herself after performing for 10 years. We've seen her practice this satisfaction/oops number over and over in rehearsals. however, she did not get this opportunity in her new life and performed the performances that did not meet her own standards. I wish she can get her freedom as soon as possible and do what she wants. she is certain she performs to the perfection she wants even if it is every 3 4 years. but none of us can't blame her even if she quits music.
  6. Guys I wanted to post separately, because the page has a lot of messages and I really need this. Can anybody give me a link for an english subtitle ? Any srt file of the documentary controlling Britney Spears? It can also be in txt format. I couldn’t find it on google.
  7. I think she was having her information through larry and lynne at the time. Britney removed everyone from her life at one point and all she ever doing was partying. I assume Fe was talking about that. She was devastated after Kevin and probably drink a little much. But that was a time that Britney was ahead of her time and nobody had contact with her. This letter always come something like a declaration of a heart broken friend because she moved her from her life. I guess Britney didn’t know better at the time and thought Felicia was one of them. But FeFe always loved Britney. And Britney always loved her. Jamie and the rest of the family made everything so complicated after Kevin. FeFe never had bad intentions. She also probably think Britney was abusing alcohol at the time. Because whole world was against Britney at one time and making up stories. I’m assuming they were pushing that narrative even at their private family meetings. Even towards FeFe.
  8. Guys alex said her every move recorded and copied to an iPad. Do you think they were using her personal recordings from her personal cloud to her social media accounts?
  9. This is all I can think about after we witnessed a 13 year of torture to a human being has no intentions other than gravitating good energy, destroy boundaries and try to make everybody happy. Britney’s case only shows us that truth has a bad habit of coming out one day and bullies tend to be punished. Either by those who tortured for years, either by Karma or either by God or any holly energy you believe in. Therefore, I believe one day we will get our Britney back, and she will be a symbol that we can prevent any bad thing happen to us. Just do not quit.
  10. They said.. they replaced spies between the fans… this is getting scary. But what exactly was that confidential evidence the guy recorded. Those e mails were already out I assume ? fe… you burnt my hurt. oh sweet fee.. this documentary was so good and will bring a lot of sympathy towards Britney.
  11. No offense, but do you realize if we wouldn’t be so obsessed with her, she would be - god forbid- dead at a 1 star mental health facility by the February of 2019?
  12. They did, baby. I was so unloved, I thought that was his way of loving me by voicing his opinion.I thought the fact that he’s talking to me was because he was valuing me.You can tell that I was naive and very dumb😅
  13. I’ve dedicated “ heaven on earth” by opening the song on my first boyfriend’s computer. And told him to read the lyrics. he said “ what’s this crap, turn it off” . Months later, he broke up with me for another dude. He was his heaven, I was not. After then I couldn’t listen the song for years. Because it was reminding me of him. I was so embarrassed that he didn’t get me and all i wanted to say was ,” thank your for opening your arms to me baby. I feel so safe when you’re around.You’re my heaven on earth” I was embarrassed for my feelings. He didn’t deserve these words:
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