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Would you guys be down to pitch in and make an Original Doll LP bootleg?


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let’s face it, it was a concept and we won’t ever be getting it….. but 

I think it would be really cool for the fans. It’s incredibly expensive to create bootlegs and I’m not even sure where abouts I could do that here in Canada, but I feel there’s some private  plants all around Europe where these could be pressed. Perhaps in North America too though? What would you guys think about this. We could get together, pitch in the money for approximately 100-200 copies or something. I know how talented some of you are so we could really work on mastering the songs as well as choosing which belong to this era. We could also get some artwork created for the vinyl release, what do you think? 


1. Intro to Britney Spears 2004 Radio Interview part 1- until 1:04) 

2. Look Who’s Talking Now 

3. Money Love and Happiness 

4. Sippin On (featuring AC) (2006 Mix) 


5. Chaotic

6. Guilty 

7. Conscience 



1. Mona Lisa Interview Part 2 

2. Mona Lisa 

3. Peep Show 

4. Tilt Ya Head Back

5. Ouch

6. Rock Star

7. Welcome To Me 

8. Take Off


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1 minute ago, Rik vs Exhale said:


we need it, seriously I’m so down to pitch in about 100 CAD for this and if anyone else wants to help I’m happy to do whatever I can 

I am poor & not very digitally talented, but am extending whatever I can pitch in to make this come to fruition!

this is a BRILLIANT idea. Thank you much !

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11 minutes ago, Danielle1987 said:

I am poor & not very digitally talented, but am extending whatever I can pitch in to make this come to fruition!

this is a BRILLIANT idea. Thank you much !

I just wonder how we could go about doing this. In terms of remastering, I don’t want any remixes or anything for this. I’m not sure if Someday would even fit in this album cycle but who knows. I could see it somewhere on side B potentially too

7 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

Great idea. I think Original Doll is such a fun mixtape to mess around with. I have so many mixed CDs called Original Doll with various tracklists lol

yes!!! If you know of anyone who would wanna pitch in I would really love this 

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1 hour ago, Isla said:

Oh oops :gloria_falling_stairs_trip: well I'm sure Exhale can help pitch in with the funds!



39 minutes ago, Bboy1988 said:

Someone needs to remaster and who’s going to make the CD art? 

omg I thought u were bananaboy1998 help @Henry.

But yes we need the VINYL art. I like this cover art but would love for there to be more flashy rose gold text 

not sure how though 

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