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Hello everybody. I joint this site a while ago being a britney fan, I wanted to keep up with her career and talk to other fans. After the past few years and everything we have learnt, I really think it's time to let go. I would b to return more than anyone but I really don't want her to at the same time. I've been blocked and banned from this site for speaking my mind lots of times but now I really am leaving. Jordan really should have blocked me by now but he never does because he knows i talk truth. I realise its my sick interest in her is damaging for me and probably for britney. So guys really, if you really are a fan and care. Just let her go 

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33 minutes ago, Brock said:

I understand how you feel. Recent posts on this site make you feel that “true fans” are only allowed to feel one way and you aren’t allowed to have an opinion unless it matches their views. 

Eh. I don’t agree. I think good conversations can be had if people educated themselves on trauma and trauma response. Instead, there are “fans” throwing out their opinions without taking time to educate themselves, and they are often distasteful. Ie: the person who posted a gif saying they wanted to reply to Britney  by saying “there are people dying” as a way to diminish her trauma. Who does that? The most their “opinions” provide is “she needs to get over it,” or “no wonder her kids are embarrassed.” That’s not a conversation; those are ignorant statements that shows they have no clue about trauma. 

I think the negativity has gotten so toxic lately many of us want those types of fans to delete their account. Why celebrate Britney when she’s ONLY doing what they want her to do for their entertainment  (make music, perform, etc). But now she’s finding herself and sharing her story, suddenly people are so quick to criticize? “This is tiring” “she should do this” “no wonder her kids are embarrassed” with no regards to the fact she was abused for 13 years. Where is the compassion people had during the FreeBritney movement?


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What is going on?

Just let Britney do her thing, it's been 13 years of continuous abuses... can y'all understand that? Is she damaging anyone posting noodz on IG? no. Is she damaging images of some people posting audios? yes, the ones who deserved to be called out.

so if you wanna let go, just let go. It's your opinion and if this becomes damaging for you at some point, well, just go, it's the best thing for you to do.


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5 hours ago, HairFlipQueen said:

I genuinely thought this thread was gonna be about her unreleased song “Let Go”, and so now I’m here I just have to say it’s one of my favourites of hers, love her raw and vulnerable vocals on it, and it’s one I’ve dreamed for a long time about hearing her perform live!!! 

Love the lyrics too. 

This is why I came in!!  Very well put. 

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No offense but I really do not get some people on here. Let go of what? She’s not personally in any of our lives. Most of us do (or should) have a life outside of this fandom. And sorry but yes you are not a true fan of Britney if you can just “let her go” because she currently isn’t acting up to your standards or performing around the globe like some people on here think she should be 10 MONTHS after being a literal modern day slave and abused by her own family for 13 YEARS. I’m not trying to be being a **** but come on with this. How about we all just be there and support our girl through her healing process? Why is that so hard for some people?

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