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Give EXPLANATION : Britney Spears wasn't Banned from the Radio

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On 8/2/2021 at 4:03 PM, HairFullOfSecrets said:

She was blacklisted by clear channel cause she didnt sign with them for her DWAD tour. Its proven. I lived in the US in 2002-2003 and only heard her song once, I rememver cause my sister got super excited. Weird considering in 2002 she was voted by Forbes the world biggest celebrity.

Yes, she was the most powerful person in the world that year and actually singles were played outside of the US very often. 

Here in my country Slave and especially Overprotected and Not A Girl were HUGE. Everyday on the radio. 

Unfortunately, blacklisted from US radios...

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On 8/2/2021 at 9:00 PM, jordeezy said:

You know...looking back, besides BOMT, Britney's songs never seemed to play on the radio in the beginning. If it weren't for MTV, her music wouldn't have gotten the promo it did. 

Yup, she was the queen of MTV, every video (except Sometimes I think) being #1 on the TRL Top10 for multiple unconsecutive days.

But radio didn't like her that much (at least in the US)

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On 8/2/2021 at 3:50 PM, Spicechinodiva said:

Well there was so much controversy over the lyrical content on slave 4 U, there was this NBC unauthorized special, where they interviewed little girls all under the age of 10 during this era  .


One still sticks out


"The problem is it's not that she cant sing, it's the songs she sings"


This is where at 19 going on 20, was the beginning of her image and Music being trashed by mothers of little girls, that's why I felt Jive did the mature/teen pop route, cos they knew she was about to alienate a huge portion of her audience.  


Sadly they were right, Britney the first album she had any major input sold 4 Million in the US and I believe 15 Million worldwide, each album where the material would get more grown up, would sell less than the other album. 


Her last 10 Million global seller was 2003's In the zone, the sales decrease from her first album of the millennium to in the zone, was one of the most fastest sales drop ever, usually an artist as hot as Britney was, would see a sales increase, but that wasn't the case, her numbers kept dropping, the more creative control she was given. 

Her music always represented her as a person up until Circus, it being slightly included. It's not about the creative control, it's about how parts of society didn't accept a woman's perfectly natural transgression into womanhood. Her being ***ualized was fine, but her ***ualizing herself wasn't. Typical. 

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I interviewed a Program Director for Radio, who has worked in radio since the early 90s.  The episode comes out where we look into this theory of Britney being "banned/blacklisted" we have reports and data that we discuss.  It should be out this weekend!  The Original Doll Podcast with James Rodriguez.  It was really great to chat with him and clear up any theories or misinformation.  

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Im from a remote city in indonesia.i can say at that time almost everyhouse in my neighbourhood had britney cd but unfortunately most of them are illegal cd.stronger,over protected always played on here.even the southests asia diva siti nurhaliza and agnes mo sung live cover over protected in live tv concert. I cant understand why britney always been discredited in her motherland country.meanwhile the rest of the world worshipped her

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