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There have been numerous threads about Sam in the last few months and people may chose to disagree with me fully and I’m totally ok with that but I think we really need to accept the possibility that he’s not the guy we think he is. I hate when a thread is posted and it’s shut down right away or we’re not allowed an opinion because people can’t accept that perhaps Sam’s intentions aren’t all good. If we’re promoting #freebritney and freedom of opinion we need to not shut down this conversation. 

Everything about him is just way to fishy and suss. I can’t help but feel like everything he does is just so rehearsed and contrived. 

Firstly I never understand why Sam would be interested in a 39 year old woman who has no control over her body, her money, her life. She isn’t allowed to be married or have children, she can’t make the smallest decision for herself. What normal 27 year old would put himself through being that controlled by another person’s family if he wasn’t getting something out of it. That something is money and fame. That’s not me being shallow but it’s true. I get she’s Britney Spears but it just screams goldigger. 

Secondly Sam comments on all of Britney’s social media posts when we know it’s not her posting. She doesn’t have access to her socials. She didn’t even have a phone at one point. So why does Sam encourage content that he knows is being manipulated to make his girlfriend look crazy? Why when Britney was sent to a mental health facility AGAINST HER WILL did he congratulate her strength. Britney was angry that she had been made to do this and she was quite happy for this to be heard in court so it’s not like Sam was covering for her out of avoiding the embarrassment. 

Sam is also one of the first boyfriends to publicly speak out on the conservatorship. Many boyfriends before have had issues before and we now know that David Lucado had initially tried to encourage her out of this mess. Sam has openly spoken out about the conservatorship and her father so why is Sam still here? David was removed from her life for a lot less yet they continue to let Sam still be involved with her. It’s way too fishy - Sam is playing the same game as her social media manager. Let’s blame Jamie and team con to deflect from their shady dealings. 

The recent photos of Britney and Sam in the car with her driving looking free. There’s still a bodyguard in the car behind and also Sam uploads videos of Britney singing Lonely. It seems so staged. The paparazzi just so happened to take perfect photos of her driving her car and then Sam uploads videos of them being “care free” in the front seat. They are trying to show us that her life is not restricted. Sam let’s us see snippets of her life but it’s very controlled as to what we do see. She tried to go live before and he ended it so quick.

The videos where the “paparazzi” come up to Sam just out the gym or just out at the shop and they ask about Britney are so rehearsed. It’s like bad acting. Sam calling Jamie a **** just felt off to me. It’s seemed staged even the video with Britney and Sam together asking her about doing music again was so fake. 

Everything just points towards him being a handler and I don’t trust him. This will probably get shot down and people will say we should focus on the conservatorship which I agree but as a fan and someone who loves Britney I think we need to stay woke on these things. Sam to me gives off opportunistic vibes. He’s willing to go along with script if it gets him fame and fortune. You don’t have to be a detective to see that. 

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Just now, SlayOut said:

You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion about Sam. But not every opinion needs to be turned into a thread for public discussion! :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:


Imagine if the people who are indifferent about Sam or like him made a thread every other day making their stance known. :weusay_tiffany_cackle_cackling_chuckle_giggle_lol_haha_hehe_laugh:

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2 minutes ago, kyliespears said:

"Firstly I never understand why Sam would be interested in a 39 year old woman who has no control over her money"

"if he wasn’t getting something out of it. That something is money and fame."


SCREAMING :spit_lmao_spitting_spraying_lol_hehe_haha_laugh_jlaw_jennifer_lawrence:

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