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Is it really true that Britney does not have control of her Instagram?

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For years, fans have speculated that Britney does not post on her Instagram page. She and her team have vehemently denied this. However, a recent New Yorker article suggests that she actually has a social media team that monitors her Instagram account and controls the content. Apparently, they make sure that she does not reference the conservatorship in any way, shape, or form. If this is true, then the cryptic messages that fans have noticed might be valid. I do think it’s odd that fans have told her to wear yellow or post pictures of birds in her follow-up posts if she needs help and she has surprisingly done it! What do you all believe? 

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4 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

Most of her posts likely aren’t from her, and anything she wants to post has to get approved. She’s not allowed to talk about the conservatorship.

Something I just thought about, there’s some first amendment violations there. Britney’s speech is being greatly restricted.

I never thought about her freedom of speech rights before. I wonder if being under the conservatorship that it's legal they do that. I would imagine she retains that right.

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Her team has a clear social media strategy in place. Likely under the control of Lou Taylor and executed out by Gassie Petrey. If she doesn’t have any control over her kids, money, or anything like that…..there is no way in hell she controls her IG! She likely submits posts, but they have to be approved. I think she adds messages in….like project rose! She later compared her slavery to s** TRAFFICKING. Project rose is s** trafficking.  Britney is extremely clever and smart to send subliminal messages through her IG.

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I mean it’s pretty obvious at this point. The Instagram is owned by Jamie Spears. A group of managers and lawyers meet weekly to discuss possible content and approving or not what Britney sends them. She cannot speak through the Instagram freely. She cannot speak freely at all. Her one shot was the court hearing that THANK GOD judge Penny decided to let be public even when objected by Jodis attorney. 

The Instagram has been weaponized against Britney for the past few years in my opinion.  Whether it be speeding up videos, cutting videos strangely… even if Britney is the one sending content like that (which I doubt because Britney on sams Instagram is like a different person) then it is that teams job to make it look good because they are supposed to be working for her, not the other way around. 

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