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  1. Well, Britney is very anxious in her relationships. Songs like Perfume are great examples of the insecurities that she experiences in intimate relationships and the fear of losing a man. I think people like her tend to draw in independent and possibly controlling men, who enjoy their freedom. Such men will never let anyone else take the wheels and people like Britney are always confined to the passenger seat.
  2. Well...the lyrics in both versions are identical. You can tell that there are subtle differences but it’s hard to decipher without a deep dive. I believe that Spears probably added lyrics that were scrapped in the final version. Since she was so involved, she received songwriting credit. Although being billed first before Sia and Katy Perry is a bit odd. As for the subject matter, Britney doesn’t seem to relate to it at all. If you listen to Perry’s version, you can sense the emotional connection that she has to the lyrics and theme of surrendering control. You can tell that control has been a significant issue for Perry and that giving that up had been a barrier towards establishing healthy relationships with men. I don’t sense that in Spears version. I believe that she would have liked to have more control over her relationship but the type of men that she gravitates towards have been control freaks. She might not truly understand what it’s like to take the lead and NOT be a passenger. If anything, she could have selected a song about being the passenger and that it is OK to be in the driver’s seat. There are many songs that touch on that theme and she could have totally collaborated with some writers and created one that captures her reality. I personally don’t believe that Passenger is a good fit for Spears because of her personal life and total lack of control that she has had. It would have been empowering for her to create a song that captures her strength despite being a passenger and her desire to take back control.
  3. From what it appears, Sia’s songs are very difficult to sing. She tends to sing both high and low notes in the same song. Not many artists can simultaneously do both (e.g. Rihanna). If you listen to Perry’s version, she actually sings the song in a lower register and does not attempt to reach the higher notes (my co-pilot yeah that’s right now I can enjoy the riiiiiide). She sings those in the same range. The stems of Britney singing that part leaked online shortly before the release of BJ. She does not attempt to reach that note and retains her naturally deep voice in the raw vocals. Therefore, it appears that Spears did actually perform all the vocals in the beginning. Her version was most likely similar to Katy Perry’s. However, it seems like the producers wanted the final version of the track to resemble Sia’s demo. Obviously, songs tend to sound better when the original songwriter performs them. Britney could not hit those high notes in a way that resembled Sia so they had Myah record the chorus and bridge and autotune it to be higher like Sia. People were saying that Myah should not have gone off like that with those high notes but I’m guessing she was told to resemble Sia. I agree. It would have been a better song if Britney recorded it with her natural voice like she did with Perfume. I think artists should be able to take a song from someone else and make it their own rather than trying to mimic the songwriter.
  4. Britney’s (and Myah’s) version is almost identical to the demo tracks recorded by Katy Perry and Sia. The lyrics are all the same. Perhaps, Britney wrote lyrics during the early stages of the album’s production but they were scrapped and the Sia/Perry version was used. Its strange that she would select this song because she has always been a passenger throughout her life and has never really had control over anything. Britney has been controlled by her family and the men that she has been involved with-Justin Timberlake is notorious for being a control freak. She hasn’t had any agency over her career with the exception of the In the Zone and Blackout eras. Her conservatorship has complete control over her finances and many aspects of her personal life. It’s hard to imagine Britney being able to write lyrics for Passenger because she cannot relate to the subject matter and the theme of surrendering control through unconditional trust and love. Sadly, she has never been “in good hands.” It seems that she did attempt to record the whole song but most likely could not hit the high notes in the chorus. Therefore, they ended up using Myah Marie and blended her voice with autotune.
  5. Here’s a snippet of her vocals on Body Ache It’s the second verse. Myah Marie confirmed in a podcast that Britney both recorded and performed it on the song. She has told other fans and independent artists that she ended up dubbing most of the song because Britney was unable to spend much time in the studio because of the Vegas residency. Myah said that the producers blended Britney’s vocals with hers in the final song. Although, it’s clear that Myah’s voice is more prominent. I hope this settles the debate. Fans have insisted for years that Britney had nothing to do with Body Ache and that it was a last minute filler song. The fact that she actually did spend time recording it settles it!
  6. It seems that she sang the second verse! Here’s a snippet of her vocals on the song!
  7. She was up for a lot of meaty roles like the female lead in I heart huckabees (director is a big Britney fan and hopes to cast her in one of his movies in the future), Daisy Duke in dukes of hazaard, the Notebook role, and a few others. Britney desperately wanted to break into movies but I believe her reputation as a pop icon prevented producers from considering her for roles. Her involvement in movies could have taken attention away from their quality as a whole.
  8. Well, Lady Gaga has always wanted to be an actress first. She kind of comes across as an actress who can sing, while Britney is more of a singer who acts if that makes sense. Therefore, it’s very easy to picture Lady Gaga in movies. She is able to shed her stage persona and embody virtually any role like a chameleon. In AHS, cameos in Machete 2 and Sin City 2, and A Star is Born, it’s easy to forget about her reputation as a singer. You see her as an actress. As much as I love Britney and believe that she can act if she’s given the right role and spends time honing in on those skills, I don’t think it would be possible for her to shed that pop star persona in movies. Even in Crossroads, you could tell that she was playing a caricature of herself and the music from that Britney album was so pronounced that it was like watching an extended music video. Although she could have been amazing in the Notebook, Dukes of Hazaard, and I heart Huckabees (roles she nearly won), her reputation as a singer could have impacted how audiences perceived the movie. I think this is the reason why producers have not approached her to star in films. Lady Gaga gives off a Barbra Streisand like vibe. Even though she has released far more albums than movies, Barbra is still seen as the actress who can also sing. Gaga is like that. Unfortunately, Britney was unable to cultivate that kind of status as a performer. Maybe that can change...who knows?
  9. Yeah Britney really didn’t have time to record the album with such a rushed production schedule. She was spending 8-12 hours a day rehearsing for Vegas and could not fly back to California to record the album. They only gave her 3 months to finish it! In hindsight, they should have brought the recording studio to her in Vegas. She could have recorded the songs in between rehearsal sessions...like 3 hours dancing, 2 hours singing, 3 hours dancing, and so on. I’m pretty sure record labels have been willing to accommodate the needs of their most prized artists!
  10. I love that song. Britney recorded 90% of it. It’s one of the few that were not tainted by Myah lol
  11. First of all, how do we know that she didn’t want to release this album? She wrote every song on it. The record label rushed through the production because they wanted the album’s release to coincide with the launch of Britney’s residency. Usually, artists will spend a minimum of 1-2 years preparing an album. Recording for Britney Jean lasted barely 3 months. Britney was very busy rehearsing for her Vegas residency and couldn’t spend much time in the studio. It’s hard to do two things at once in two different states (Nevada, California). She probably did want to release this album and if she had the time, she would have been more involved in the production. You could tell she put forth 100% effort on Glory and she had 2-3 years to work on it. From what it seems, Britney actually did provide vocals for and recorded every song but the stems were very raw and unpolished. She didn’t have time to go back and perfect it, so the producers brought in Myah and blended her vocals with Britney’s. It’s clear Britney had every intention of releasing this album but would have wanted more time to record and perfect it. If she wasn’t rushed, the album could have been another masterpiece.
  12. This situation really irks me. JC Chazez was and still is a much better singer than Justin Timberlake. He could have had a very successful solo career. I believe that Jive records sensed that he had the potential to be better and more liked than Justin and made a deliberate effort to sabotage his career. They didn’t give him access to the best song writers and producers who could have created songs that capitalized on his strengths. Additionally Jive made sure that his album received little to no promotion. It’s truly unfair and cruel. Justin Timberlake is notoriously manipulative and he probably made sure that Jive was on his side. He probably distances himself from JC and the band due to unresolved guilt about his role in sabotaging their solo careers.
  13. Britney actually sang most of Tik Tik boom. Also, the last verse of Work B... (hold your hands high till the end) and the second verse of body ache (breathe heavy...you make my body ache) are all her vocals. Britney sings parts of the main verses and chorus in Till it’s gone. She also has vocals on chillin with you.
  14. Also, it’s worth noting that record companies tend to keep all the demos and songs in their catalog. This includes rejected and unfinished songs for artists as well as raw vocals. They keep these recordings in the event that they can be used in some capacity in the future such as background vocals, stems, groundwork for new music, and demos for other artists. Sia’s album, This is acting consisted of tracks that were rejected by big name artists such as Shakira, Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jlo, Demi Lovato, and maybe even Britney Spears. She indicated that each song had been
  15. I’m confused. Did she actually record a full version of Rebellion? Many artists often record snippets of songs to determine if they are good fits for them. Britney might have not finished the song because her label shut it down or couldn’t complete the rest of lyrics. It’s important to note that Britney most definitely has access to all her unreleased songs. If there is a full version of Rebellion, she probably has it somewhere in her house but isn’t keen on leaking it to the public. There’s been speculation that many of the unreleased tracks on the internet were secretly leaked by B
  16. Free Britney, please! She has worked so hard. She deserves her freedom!
  17. So I did some more research on this. Based on what she has earned throughout the course of her career, her net worth should be over 600 million. She technically could be richer than Rihanna, who has been named the richest female celebrity/performer by Forbes. The lawyers have been charging exorbitant amounts as part of the conservatorship. Is it possible that they are stealing all her money?
  18. Very plausible. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true. Most of the rumors surrounding Britney post 2008 have had some shred of truth to them.
  19. Why did she continue to dance in heels despite the discomfort? I mean it’s possible to do it but complex choreography can really damage your feet. She never wore heels in the dream within a dream tour...I don’t get why she kept doing it.
  20. I don’t understand why she slays during rehearsals but puts little to no effort during the live performances. She always missed steps or moved out of sync with the other dancers. I am starting to believe that she might have deliberately sabotaged herself by making her performances lackluster in order to spite her father and team, which is incredibly sad.
  21. Where is this podcast? Link? I tried tape in extensions while I was growing out my hair. They were a nightmare. I had to cut my natural hair shorter and start over again.
  22. Can she actually grow out her hair though? I used to think she had long hair during the BOMT era (Sometimes music video) but Now I think she even had extensions then!
  23. Mickey Mouse club? Yeah, I don’t think she has had naturally long hair throughout her career...Baby one more time onwards
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