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"Hold Me Closer" is rumored to arrive on August 19th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

slave 4 u belly dance - circus tour or femme fatale tour?

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Circus gave us attitude and a killer remix, but due to staging and choreography, it doesn't feel as strong as other performances. 

Femme Fatale was more focused on dancing and the original choreography, but for whatever reason, the energy isn't 100% there, but she did kill it a few times!

Say what you want about POM but it gave us her best Slave performances in years, regularly compared to Circus Tour and FF Tour.  I saw her live in Dublin 2018, and it was her best performance of the song I'd seen! I still remember the fire in her eyes when she came out on the pole, being front row!

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The thing with the circus tour slave performance is that it clearly wasn't meant to be as demanding as her previous performances of the song..thats why I prefer it

The song is called 'slave 4 u' and she isn't dancing how YOU expect her too, she's doing it how she wants..for me its part of the circus effect 

She literally walks whilst doing the dancing which for me was amazing to see when I first saw it.. she perfectly executes the moves whilst still actually walking.. then its like a tease..you want her to do the full original choreography.. and then the remix kicks in, all her dancers suddenly come together,  britney runs to the front of her dancers in perfect time and does the dance or 'trick' that everyone knows.. remember, this was her comeback tour , its designed to make you eager for the slayage.. then theirs the fire ring with britney in the middle.. I dont know I just think its almost genius, britneys having fun  you can tell she felt cool and confident.. 

She thought the cship would be ending after tour

I do like the femme fatale tour but for me the circus tour was absolutely amazing .. I would cut of my little toe to have been able to see it.. 

Britney seems to do the actual choreography amazing when it kicks in..but for the verses its not exactly essential for her to prove herself throughout the entire song..for her this must have been quite a fun song to perform .. the remix is amazing I got it on my phone and I strutt my stuff every time I hear it

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