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  1. i think criticizing her performances was definitely fair at the time. we didn't know ANY of this information & if any other artist performed the way she did most of the time they would've caught heat as well. however, knowing what we know now, it definitely is not right to judge her for her dancing because she didn't want to be on stage, was being forced to take medication, etc.
  2. i am so anxious but ready for this to start. all i want is for her to speak her truth and have it lead to the end of her nightmare. she deserves to be heard and she deserves to be free #FreeBritney
  3. did she, though...? they locked her up in a conservatorship & took her money (allegedly)
  4. this is one of the rarest mental illnesses in the world. he does NOT have it. he is just a typical parent/relative of someone in the entertainment business
  5. stans do not acknowledge it. this site + ATRL tend to be on the older side but people on stan twitter. instagram, tiktok, even real life, do not know at all because we never lived through it. a lot of us were born right at britney's speak and our earliest exposure to her musically is either circus or femme fatale. we don't know what we don't know! the GP doesn't even research people's careers, accolades, or even older music the way stans do
  6. ooh me too please if youre still doing these
  7. i really think people underestimate how much chronic stress, smoking, and sun damage impact aging. britney aged a bit from 2006 - 2008, obviously due to stress mostly, and again from 2009 - 2011 which would make sense because she had a rumored breakdown in 2010. i think a lot of britney stans struggle with seeing her get older because her brand and image was built on her being young (and she was much younger than when most pop stars make their debut). BOMT's school concept, OIDA "i'm not that innocent," IAS4U "all you people look at me like i'm a little girl", etc. she is almost 40 and had experienced so much hardship that of course it would take its toll on her. comparing even her 21 year old self to her 27 year old self really makes no sense, either. in that time her brain finished developing, she had 2 kids less than a year apart, (extremely difficult on the body), had a breakdown, 2 hospitalizations, and a comeback.
  8. i think britney definitely was working on an album and made some decent progress on it. however, she became pregnant very soon after doing the mona lisa radio interview & i think starting a family + not having the label support her vision/direction of the new record caused her to abandon it. i don't think it was her label suppressing any "messages" she wanted to send like a lot of fans believe, just that they were used to pop britney with some urban influences and that was as far as they wanted to let her go. a lot of britney's leaked demos from this era were very creepy and unsettling so i don't think they were comfortable with her going in a new direction. i do feel her pregnancy was the main reason, though
  9. i don't really think it was an homage at all bc it's very common. many artists have done it
  10. it went viral on tiktok a while ago. lynne might have seen it there and sent it to britney
  11. i love my girl dua. i definitely stan for her. however i've seen so many disrespectful tweets comparing her to britney after herrecent grammy's performance. i literally saw someone say a few minutes ago that dua was giving more than britney ever did...
  12. i think she sings live 100% of the time but her mic is very low and the playback is very loud
  13. i SCREAMEDD when i saw this. i cant believe she (or her team at least) would acknowledge something this old
  14. not sure how truthful this story is but i remember reading on exhale a couple of months ago that one of britney's uncles said to some magazine that she was bipolar and would go through phases of only taking her medication when she was in a depressive episode & stopped taking them during a manic episode
  15. for me it has to be 2006 - 2013. music from that era was just so trashy & i miss it </3 the EDM moments are my fav as well. i would pull up to elementary school hearing Smack That by Akon
  16. blackout: heaven on earth, why should i be sad circus: out from under, mannequin
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