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SaintHoax chimes in on #FreeBritney

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21 minutes ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

Never heard of Sainthoax but I'm always super grateful to hear when anyone with a platform gives this topic some visibility. ;)

The page usually do pop culture parody type videos. There are actually some fun ones of Brit on there that are worth a watch. Happy to see a serious post with some good details. 

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#FreeBritney Action Items

For 12 years, Britney Spears has been denied basic human rights under a conservatorship reserved for incapacitated individuals. Complete the below action items to effect change for Britney and others affected by conservatorship abuse.

Come show your support during Britney’s conservatorship hearing. Meet outside Stanley Mosk Courthouse (110 N Grand Ave) in downtown Los Angeles on July 22 at 12:30 PM. Please wear a face covering and observe social distancing guidelines.

If you cannot join, promote the rally on social media.

Promote rally

Petition the federal government to call on Congress to take action. If we collect 100,000 signatures before August 8, the White House will respond.

Sign petition

Britney cannot legally hire her own attorney to advocate for her freedom, and her court-appointed attorney Samuel Ingham III has no incentive to recommend ending the conservatorship.

Sign petition

Demand an independent audit of Britney’s conservatorship and probate court reforms to eliminate toxic conflicts of interest.

Contact Supervisor Barger

Demand a statewide investigation into the probate court system.

Contact Attorney General Becerra

The news media plays a pivotal role in steering the narrative and educating the public. Encourage positive stories about Britney by contacting the editors of media outlets. Writing in your own words is most effective, but feel free to use this email template to contact these publications as a starting point.


Use template

Protest with your wallet. Revenue generated by Britney’s brand inevitably funds the conservatorship. As a form of symbolic protest and to weaken incentives keeping the arrangement in place, please refrain from buying and streaming Britney songs and from supporting any organization that licenses her music or image, like the popup museum Britney The Zone, until Britney is free. To whet your appetite for merchandise in the meantime, consider supporting independent artists.

Support independent artists

Use the money you saved from boycotting the brand to rent the documentary film The Guardians by Billie Mintz on Amazon Prime.

Rent movie

Check out the “Guardians, Inc.” episode of the Netflix docuseries Dirty Money.

Watch episode

Spread the word! Create a social media post about your favorite Britney memory or why you wouldn’t want the probate court system to take advantage of your family. Design your own custom graphic using Canva, or download one of these graphics — be sure to credit the artist. Use the hashtags #FreeBritney and #EndConservatorshipAbuse.

To donate graphics, message @freebritneyla.

Download graphics

Share this list

Now share the link to this list so that other advocates can take action!





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