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In Case You’re Still Wondering Who Manages Britney’s Social Media Accounts


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20 minutes ago, Tear the floor up up said:

Sorry, can you explain the two images and how they link please?
I assume the first one infers a range of people are employed across the globe to handle her social media, but I'm sure it's the case for most (if not all) artists that they have a social media team working with them.

Yep, that’s what the first one shows. 

The court document was mainly just to illustrate how much power her team has. I’ll remove it from the OP so there’s no confusion. 

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It's both the artist and people who works for the artist that are posting on social media. Obviously all the reposts from Instagram are done by her team, or done automatically, it depends.

In Britney's case, 99% of her posts are regular personal things (selfies, yoga, fitness,...). Once in while there's shootouts to artists, books, little brands, etc.. That might be paid and done by her team.

But overall, it's Britney posting, there's no point in sending her pictures and videos with captions, to post them when she could directly do it herself since they are not doing anything extra. 

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I don't think it's her posting. Ever since free Britney started the Instagram posts have gotten very personal and long captions and I think it's because they are trying to convince us that she has the freedom which we know she doesn't. They won't let her do anything live or get close to her backup dancers or have friends that aren't approved from her team so why would they let her have access to the whole world through social media

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5 hours ago, Roger said:

Her Facebook is just made of late reposts from her Instagram and Twitter, this does not prove **** :fran:

It proves that there are MANY people who run that account. 

5 hours ago, Louis_j said:

But overall, it's Britney posting, there's no point in sending her pictures and videos with captions, to post them when she could directly do it herself since they are not doing anything extra. 

The point would be to keep her from speaking about what she really wants to. Something they’ve kept her from doing for 12 years now. They’re not giving Britney a platform to reach 25M people instantly when they won’t even allow her to talk to crew members on set. Think about it. 

2 hours ago, MakeMeFweaky said:

Ok? Literally every celeb has a social media team to spread their posts over different platforms. It's not really breaking news or anything:brityawning:

You’re lumping Britney in with “every other celeb.” Britney’s life is nothing like every other celeb nor is her team like every other celeb’s, therefore you have to look at things a little differently.


4 hours ago, reecejwilson said:

@C0CKy i'm a hundred percent behind you, but what do you think about her Instagram? I think that's run by her. Wasn't there a paparazzi shot of her & Sam at the airport and she was using Insta? :idkney:

Thanks, sweetie. I think it’s pretty far fetched to believe she has the ultimate say so on her Insta or any social media when she doesn’t have control over the most basic decisions in her own life. She doesn’t control any aspect of her life.

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10 minutes ago, MANDIXMX said:

The times she posts a picture and takes it down only to repost it again and repeat, I think its Britney. Than manic behavior screams Britney to me. 

I just can’t imagine her team having so much time on their hands to repost and delete the same picture 100 times. 

Then you really don’t know Lou M Taylor :gagasmile:

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