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My mom hates Britney

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Aw, sorry to hear. Fortunately my parents have an education the Holy Spearit. Actually, my dad was quite impressed with Brit’s cover of Satisfaction. My mom also prefers her earlier stuff. But they can’t love me and not love Britney, it just wouldn’t work. :yaknow:

We’re here for you sweetie.


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26 minutes ago, umr3000 said:

“Hate” is a strong word. 

And your mum not having an appreciation for great pop music - I have no words! 

OK I shouldn't say hate. She did like her for a while. But I think my Stan fkr her has gotten on her nerves so much that she really can't stand her anymore. 

And when she does a comeback I'll Stan even harder. Then she's really gonna hate her lmfao! 

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