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Britney at the airport with Lynne

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wonder where they are going...

And I love the fact that Lynne is sticking by her side now. In Lynne we trust :hugs: 

i would die for Britney to dye her hair black again. they'd be so matchy and look like they're going to end Jamie, Larry and Lou's lives the conservatorship for good :ohi:

And also the fact that she completely ignored Loucifer's comment on her IG post :nynod:


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Lynne's given me hope! She's the reason why I came back to BH after that silly video of Britney assuring fans that she was the one posting the content on her page.

Anyway, I hope they've a wonderful time and that she informs Britney about her shady team. It's going to be interesting to see what she posts after their vacation. I'm observing everything with a critical eye. 

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They should fly to Alabama chile since Jamie hasn't requested a C Ship overage in that State.

Queen Lynne being with Britney at this time and filing the documents to have rights into her daughters medical files and treatment is incredible shes stepping up.

How long was Britney ever around her father pre C Ship?

Britney started out doing an off Broadway play in New York where she stayed out there with Lynne.

Eventually going back home Britney than moved onto the MMC and of course her trip to Sweden to record her debut album.

Add in the time spent with out both Lynne and Jamie where Felicia was Britney chaperone and assistant to watch over her.

Britney was on the go from such a young age and Jamie was rarely in the picture so it's nice to see a picture of Britney and Lynne.


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