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Work ***** 2015

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1 hour ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

She’s done it since the  premier show. But I think she added a bit to it with the 2016 Revamp. 



she skipped the part where she lifts her body like she does in the revamp

she didnt do the choreo properly in the music video either they only showed the dancers doing the move in that part :jackk:

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So she never did the floor choreo until 2.0 (except for like opening night) but in 1.0 she sometimes did the part at “I make it bubble up” where she would bend her body down with the dancers. In 2.0 she abandoned that completely. When she did it it slayed though. It’s actually really well put together choreo when done right. New Year’s Eve was probably one of the best altogether performances of it. Rehearsals on IABJ of course was better than anything though. I feel like if she hadn’t gotten whiplash she would have gone for it more

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4 hours ago, Shadow2003 said:

Yeah, I believe she only started doing it in the revamped show (2016 - 2018). I looked through YouTube videos of performances from 2015, but she dodged most of the floor choreography in every one.

It’s actually kinda sad cause she had the energy and did the choreo incredibly well until she got to that part and it was a mess

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