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  1. It’s seriously high budget and they did everything they could with that money. I honestly love it but also see it as very representative of what team con wanted to present her as. I don’t love that they pushed her to do things she was uncomfortable with and that there’s extensive body retouching done but that seems to be par for the course in the industry…
  2. Britney was going to be paid $1M to make an appearance at The Zone… fully clothed
  3. I would love for it to be just a very honest album about liberation, whatever that looks like. Natural vocals, more “weird” songs, etc. Whenever she’s in control we get the funky weird stuff so I’m all for that
  4. Imagine Britney and Cher vacationing in st Tropez 😍. Madonna could crash their vacay and we’d have a new Britney/Paris/Lindsay moment.
  5. I’m pretty sure she was always trying her hardest. It’s odd how much better she is in rehearsals though. Idk if it’s a medication or anxiety thing?
  6. If you don’t have anything to gain or lose then why do you have to make a defensive statement? To again tell or imply to people that they know nothing? Sam wears a #freebritney shirt and openly supports the movement and Jamie Lynn only speaks to angrily defend her own reputation? I see a big difference there. I’m personally not on the JLS hate train but there are so many other ways to address this. She could have just said that she supports her sister with what she’s been through and what she’s aiming for. Also maybe don’t reference something as bull**** when it’s not clear what she’s actually referencing. The lack of clarity in general is telling in my opinion.
  7. Charli XCX, SOPHIE (Rest in power), Lana del Rey, slayyyter, Gwen Stefani (the older stuff)
  8. I would be down but at the same time I think her experiences would be hard to fit into an interview. She’d really need a book if she actually wanted to share.
  9. Britney has been saying for the past like 12 years that she wants to have another kid. I seriously doubt she’s just put that off because she’d rather perform, especially now that she’s in her late 30s. If she could get pregnant she would have by now. I mean there are rumours that she’s on forced birth control...
  10. They initially moved to Canada, which being a commonwealth country would make sense, but I think she wanted to be closer to her family
  11. I think the whole album and tour was a big contractual obligation but I will always maintain the belief that Britney does love performing. She loves to put on a show and be with her dancers, but yeah I do think she was heavily medicated. Her eyes were so glassy and she was so lethargic. Her speaking voice and her whole facial/visual appearance was different. She did a great job considering all of that.
  12. Yeah I always thought it was just an edit of that weird Pepsi ad she did in the summer of 2018 (the wig looks the same).
  13. Ok so her team greenlit what was presumably a $1M+ music video where they literally demolish a house on location with extras, dancers, choreo, etc. that clearly was storyboarded/planned out and then scrapped it because it was too long? It would have been known from the beginning how long it would be. Then they claim it just didn’t work, and spend more money to reshoot another video? Or, well, turn the album cover shoot into a video opportunity. That makes no financial sense unless they’re hiding something. There has to be some fvckery going on behind the scenes
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