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What Britney songs did you love, but never listen to now?


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I noticed when making my list for the trinity that I don't love the same songs I use to.. :crying3:

I guess I'll list one song from each album..


1.BOMT - I use to skip BOMT and now its my fave and I skip Sometimes now... 

2. OOPS- N/A I think I still listen to all these equally

3.Britney- Lonely, I kind of find the instrumental aggravating and loud for no reason.

4. ITZ - Everytime was my favorite Britney song of all time, but now I skip it, not wanting to be sad and **** anymore :mhm:

5. Blackout- Why Should I Be Sad... (see #4)

6. Riccus - Trouble because they forgot to put it on Spotify the only place I listen to her albums nowadays... :zoomzoom:

7. No Fats No Fem Fatales- I Wanna Go/Hold it Against Me I would be okay if I never heard those songs again, but loved them in 2011. 

8. Faded Bluney Jean- Chillin With You when I realized Jamie wasn't chillin with her sister. 

9. Glorious - Electrique Culprit, loved the sound at first, but I don't speak spanish and can't sing along. :tehe:

10.Domination - The first single that should have been released by now....

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What U See Is What U Get

Can’t Make You Love Me

Boys Co-Ed

Gimme More

If U Seek Amy

Make Me

Slumber Party 

Love Me Down

Just Luv Me


There was a point in time where I was obsessed with all these songs but can’t really be bothered to voluntarily play them these days. Again, none of these songs are bad, just don’t really care to listen to them anymore. :mhm: 

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are you being sarcastic with Coupuer Électrique? :umok: you DO know that's not Spanish lol


I used to listen to Scary and I Wanna Go a lot, but not so much lately. Also (I Got That) Boom Boom. 

In general, the songs I love, I love them even more as time goes by. Songs that I didn't like at first, keep slowly growing on me, till they're tolerable, like Blackout or Just Luv Me, but my fave songs keep being on top, as they keep growing too. 

There are songs that I just can't at how delicious they keep sounding like the "baby what u see is what u get" part, always makes me be like :yesplease:

 and then Can't Make You Love Me or Bombastic Love, or Oops!... I Did It Again, Crazy, Where Are You Now, Better, etc. 

As a kid I remember how boring and corny Dear Diary sounded to me, but now I even sing along (in my mind, 'cause I'm a terrible singer lol). 

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1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

As a kid I remember how boring and corny Dear Diary sounded to me, but now I even sing along (in my mind, 'cause I'm a terrible singer lol). 

Dear diary was the start start of Writerney

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When I was a wee lad:

BOMT: EMH :raven:


Britney: Cinderella, Bombastic Love, Slave

BO: Radar

I still have love for these songs, and if for some reason I come across them I’ll still bop along. I guess I’ve grown out of them. 

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1.BOMT - I Will Be There and Crazy (because I prefer the remix version)

2. OOPS- What U See Is What U Get

3.Britney- Boys (its over performed and if I had to pick a single to never be performed again it would be this one)

4. ITZ - Everytime (all the "lip-synched" performances since 09 of it has tarnished this song for me. The lyrics spoke to me in many ways and I loved it but because of those performances and just not being a sad state I just skip it.

5. Blackout- Perfect Lover and Get Naked (unless I am in the mood), Freakshow (unless I am in the mood)

6. Circus - If U Seek Amy (unless i am in the mood), Phonography

7. Femme Fatigue - Till The World Ends (unless its POM remix), Gasoline

8. Belinda Joanne - I skip most of this album in general. But songs I use to love that I skip now is Perfume (its left a bad taste in the mouth tbh but I loved it when it came out).

9. Glory - Slumber Party, Make Me, Liar, Change Your Mind, Courpure Electrique, Man On The Moon, Just Luv Me (love all these just have to be in the mood or I skip, I honestly think I just overplayed these a lot that I am tired of them for now).

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I used to loved Radar but now it sounds robotic and dated to me.

Big Fat Bass used to be okay and now I hate it but the BJ project with Will.i.am may be heavily clouding my judgement.

Mmmm besides that, I have very nostalgic good memories attached to her first 5 albums so I will always love them - In The Zone being my all time favorite.

I’ve never liked Britney Jean so I can’t count it into this. :well:

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  • Baby: the beat goes on. And Crazy but only because the album version is boring AF. The remix is the only one that exists for me lol
  • Oops: I still love all the songs that I always loved :endit:
  • Britney: I think I used to like Boys :ponderney: Apart from that, I still like all the others.
  • ITZ: (I Got That) Boom Boom. It's not bad but I don't like that much anymore
  • Blackout: Everybody. Now I can't stand the beginning... But I found the demo without it so I'm starting again :evilpatrick:
  • Circus: Same as in Oops
  • Femme Fatale: Gasoline, Selfish and Don't Keep Me Waiting
  • BJ: Passenger :orangu:
  • Glory: Invitation, If I'm Dancing
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