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  1. I loved most Disney Channel shows from 1998-2010 That’s So Raven - funniest of them all! Even as an adult Suite Life of Zack & Cody - Another hilarious even as an adult Wizards Of Waverly Place - pretty enjoyable Sonny with a chance - also really enjoyable ended too soon Smart Guy - this one is hilarious Lizzie McGuire - pretty good show for teenagers The famous Jett Jackson - another fun show Britney was in this as a guest. Shake It Up - this is the last Disney show I watched in full and it got better by the season. I actually surprisingly enjoyed it and I loved the music for this show. Hannah Montana - I liked it as a kid, love the music still but I do feel the humour in this show was definitely for younger kids. I also like some of the cartoons Lilo & Stitch The Series - I love the Lilo & Stitch franchise I loved how this show was framed it was a relaxing one to watch tbh and I still enjoy it. It’s criminally underrated. Phineas and Ferb - iconic and enjoyable still
  2. m As a Catholic myself I will say I was not offended by his satanic themes. I think it’s great when people bring up conversations and visuals of the devil. We should be having more conversations about Heaven and hell through art. I’m gonna say that I’m not surprised that he’s getting flack. The systemic racism with some people is showing. He is an LGBTQ+ black rapper if this was a white person y’all would be praising it. Also Britney and Madonna some of their most iconic moments of their career were gimmick based as well. They were hated for it. yself I will say I
  3. From the bottom of my broken heart (let’s see those vocals) sometimes, email my heart, soda pop. Heaven on earth blur, unusual you passenger just for fun with myah
  4. If we’re talking in terms of performances the 2007 VMAs was yes the last performance where she was talked about for weeks in all the news media and GP. Yes there were good performances and ones that slayed tbh but they weren’t to this level of media coverage. They were sort of a hit of the moment. Like some of you said Britney does not care to have that type of coverage anymore because I feel she knew she had to tone things down in her career for her kids.
  5. Everything tbh ^ Also we need to consider Britney broke these records when there was no social media to very little streaming ^ I am talking about her first four eras. You had to go out and buy the singles. As well award shows weren’t as rigged either then. Social media and digital streaming has made it a lot easier for artists to go #1 Britney made her name outside of that. I read somewhere Taylor only gets these big opening sales because she sells bundles.
  6. Agreed she had no passion for anything in this era. Tragic. on POM she only performed one or two songs from this album. I don’t think she cares for this album at all.
  7. My album track singles would be BOMT - 1. Autumn Goodbye - Fall 98 2. I Will Be There - Winter/Spring 99 3. Soda Pop - Summer 99 4. I Will Never Stop Loving You - Fall 99 Oops - 1. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction - Spring/Summer 00 2. When Your Eyes Say It - Fall 00 3. Where Are You Now - Winter 01 Britney - 1. Cinderella - Fall 01 2. What It’s Like To Be Me - Winter 02 3. Let Me Be - Spring 02 4. Before The Goodbye - Fall 02 ITZ 1. Breathe On Me - Fall 03 2. Touch Of My Hand - Winter 04 3. Shadow - Spring 04 4. Early Mornin - Summer 04 Blackout 1. Get Back - Fall 07 2. Toy Solider - Winter 07 3. Heaven On Earth - Spring 08 4. Freakshow - Summer 08 Circus 1. Kill The Lights - Winter 08 2. Unusual You - Spring 09 3. Mannequin - Summer 09 4. Blur - Fall 09 FF 1. Big Fat Bass - Winter 11 2. Inside Out - Spring 11 3. Dont Keep Me Waiting - Summer 11 4. He About To Lose Me - Fall 11 BJ 1. Til It’s Gone - Fall 13 2. Alien - Winter 13 3. Now That I Found You - Spring 14 Glory 1. Do You Wanna Come Over - Summer 16 2. Love Me Down - Fall 16 3. Just Like Me - Winter 17 4. Hard To Forget Ya - Spring 17
  8. . I just watched the documentary and I’m in tears right now. Felicia is the sweetest. It speaks volumes when you would think if her team wanted her to be “functional” that wouldn’t it be best to surround her with good people. The fact Fe got shut out like that is very telling. I started crying and was so angry with Jamie though when that Jive record lady saying “I can’t wait for Britney to buy me a boat”. It hurt me hearing that but I’m not surprised. Also I agree Joe Jackson was abusive and hard as hell on his children. He forced all of them into show business and controlled their careers. Not even the finances, Latoya wrote in her book that she freely took $10,000 out of her own bank in the mid 80s. Joe let them do them and make mistakes when they were adults. The fact Jamie not only has control of Britney’s career decisions but her finances too is psychotic and beyond over bearing is putting it lightly. What smiled is how the documentary ended with Fe saying that Britney will tell her story one day. I hope this does happen. I was smiling but also crying. This was an emotional rollercoaster.
  9. Your taste is solid! Your #1 & 2 are mine. for my third fave song probably Dirrty.
  10. Head Over Heels is criminally underrated. I was listening to Aint Never gonna give you up her last single before her departure. Such a bop with Color Me Badd. I can’t wait for new music
  11. FTBOMBH is the best ballad Britney has ever released. It deserved it single release over BTMYH. Proved to people she can do vocals. Also the US would of never appreciated BTMYH I see why it’s in the European market. Plus the video was a great storybook video. It was ranked at #14 on BB200. However it deserves Everytime success. Flopfume could never ^ I never listen to FF just cause I feel guilty listening to it but...... Big Fat Bass is a bop and should of been the 4th single instead of Criminal. Make me is her worst lead single and shouldn’t have been a single. The song is so damn boring tbh. Swimming with the stars should of not been released. I see why it’s an unreleased Glory track.
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