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Replace Sam with Another Celebrity Guy

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I know this is kind of weird but I got this idea from some of the comments on Ryan Gosling's Ellen appearance saying how Britney and Ryan would have made a great couple had they gone out.. :cuteidk: are there any other celebrity men you would love Britney to get it on with and maybe even have kids with? share your thoughts but make sure you elaborate on why you think your specific choice would make a great potential suitor instead of just posting a random picture.. give reasons for your choice and why you think they would make a great couple.. :heresthetea:


now don't get me wrong, guys.. I actually like Sam quite a bit.. he's handsome, has a great body and he seems like a genuinely nice guy to me and besides, it seems like Britney is enjoying their time together and having loads of fun, that's all that matters! I just thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss.. :tiffanynod: Britney and Sam are a good match astrology-wise too, they're both fire signs i.e. Aries and Sagittarius go together really well.. they have a shared love for fitness too which is wonderful.. :mj: I also love Britney's new found **** / cougar image a lot.. I think it's great.. :akii:


I doubt our mama-bear would get it on with a girl but if you feel like it, you can give her a lesbian lover too.. no judgement.. :akii:

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I think someone a little older than herself. Maybe a guy who has been through a lot, had to overcome personal struggles and come out on the other side of it. Someone with a sense of humor, and a good-heart. I don't really have much of an opinion on Sam but I don't think it's likely to be a long term thing for her.

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3 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

Chris Pratt.

hes fine

hes goofy can make britney laugh

hes humble 

he has a son (both know what it’s like to be parents in the industry)

he used to be married to Anna Farris (so he may have a type)

he’s a Gemini (usually a great match for saggitarius)

that's actually a really good choice.. while I'm not particularly attracted to him myself, I can definitely see Britney and Chris making a total power couple.. :surprisedney:

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