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TMZ are assh*les

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TMZ pap caught up with Sam and asked him some questions about Britney. Basically, Sam said Britney has better shape than he does, and his favorite workout song of Britney is "Stronger" . When asked about his future plans with Britney, he replied " Living their best life". and proposing to Britney anytime soon?? He refused to answer, saying its private life.  The pap even asked him about his opinion on Britney has to pay more child support $ to Kevin ... He refused to comment. 

YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE PAGE https://m.tmz.com/#!2018/09/27/britney-spears-boyfriend-sam-asghari-propose-engagement-married/

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15 minutes ago, Daria said:

Imagine thinking she’d ever respond to that question in public to some rando video taping her. :cackling:

I mean it IS an interesting question but that guy knew she most likely wasn’t going to say ****. He just wanted a reaction from her. That’s the shitty part. 

He was provoking her. I can't believe he was such an *******, I'm raging inside :lostney:

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1 hour ago, Daria said:

He obviously loves the attention.:surething:



1 hour ago, Plaidatlo said:

Sweet, but he likes a bit of attention. Should have just keep walking straight into that CAR !!!

Well he is an Instagram model or something and also like 24 yo.. of course he loves attention. It’s not really a bad thing either. 


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